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    Would you go for a higher position or a higher salary?

    In this thread I talk about hierarchy in industries. There I told hierarchy shouldn't exist. But that is my ideal world and in real world hierarchy does exist. After a heavy competition with my south Indian engineers I got shortlisted in a design company from Nashik. To chemical engineers designing is kind of like dream project. Or that is what my faculty says. But the design company offers a less salary for first year. It's lesser than the company that I already got selected in as an environmental safety officer.
    This design company, Technoforce- offers 12-13k first year.
    The pharma company, Divi's labs offer 15k along with accomodation and food.

    So what do I choose? Higher salary or a higher position? I can't make my mind up. But what would you do ? What would you choose?
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    Only you can decide it in consultation with your parents, professors and seniors. If the company which has offered you work relating to designing is really good, if the designing job will improve your future career prospect, if your family can manage your absence from home (Nashik is a distant place from Hyderabad) for a long period and if you can manage with less salary, then you should go for designing job.

    Take suitable decision considering the above factors.

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    Don't think of this time but instead think for rest of your life. So where do you feel with the better future should be your first priority.

    Congratulations & best of luck.

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    Hierarchy in any organization is very essential for proper functioning. Everyone cannot be workers and everyone cannot be managers too. Each hierarchical position comes with certain powers and authority to manage the organization. The Compensation package and hierarchical structure is different in different organizations. Naturally pay and perks comes along with the position.
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    In private industry, whatever may be the designation, how much more we are getting as compensation is important. There is no guarantee that one will serve the company for a long time. You may not like the job or the management may not require your services. So make hay while Sun shines.
    But in your case the salary is not the criteria, you have to take. It may be a little more or less but the career growth is very important. Either in the designing area or in the manufacturing sector also there are very good prospectus for Chemical Engineers and chemists. So the question here is what is your field of interest. I like to work in the manufacturing sector and product development. You may like the designing job. SO your field of interest matters.
    If you are really comfortable in designing job don't think one or two thousand, It may not be a problem. In coming years you can grow strong.
    My sincere advice to you is to select the job in which you have interest and in the line in which you want to continue.

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    You are the best judge to choose your profession. You have the wisdom and knowledge to study and analyze the job for which you best suit. Please have a look at the future as to how you will go up with position and salary. If your workplace is near your home, less salary with a good promotion can be accepted.
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