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    A new and inexperience member's self introduction

    I confess, I have no knowledge of online writing. I used the internet for social media but for posting contents. Interestingly, I came to know about this site while browsing online. Find it interesting and joined it.

    I have lot of time after my household work and do not want to waste my energy just looking into TV. So, I thought to join since I am interested in writing. Let me see if I am good enough to be here or not.

    Please forgive my mistakes in English as I am not very fluent.
    Thank you all in advance.
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    Welcome aboard ISC.
    You are in the right place to showcase your writing ability.
    All at ISC will guide you to learn and earn.
    Please don't expect much to earn but a lot to learn.
    Your introduction is peculiar and mature.
    Wish you all the best, Anjana.

    No life without Sun

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    Hellooo Sun,
    Thank you for your wish. I don't know if it look peculiar, I am sorry about it.

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    Welcome to ISC. You are in the right place. Your English can be improved by reading the articles in this section and posting threads in the Forum section.
    Before starting your journey I advise you to read the help topics completely so that you will know much about the site and you will understand what to do and what not to do.
    Then read the articles that are at the top of the list of articles that will give some idea about the procedures and methods one has to follow for working on this site. Then read the forum posts which are on the top of the list and which are pinned. That will give you a piece of better knowledge about this site.
    Then you can start posting your ideas and views on the forums posted by somebody else. You can start a discussion by posting threads. Once you are comfortable here there you can start posting in the other sections of the site. I think you got good about postings on this site by this time.
    Start working and I wish you all the best.

    always confident

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    Glad that you discovered ISC! Wishing you a warm welcome. Nothing peculiar about your post. Don't worry too much about fluency in English in forum discussions. In fact, the forum is a great platform to improve one's vocabulary, writing, and grammar. From the text of this thread, English is good enough for venturing into our Ask Expert section as well, where you could attempt answering some of the queries. Gradually, you can earn some part-time income from your contributions here, in various sections.

    It is advisable to keep an eye on the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum to get updates on contests, guidelines, and awards. Please be aware of Posting Limits and go through the Sectionwise FAQs to familiarize yourself with how to contribute in the various sections. While our Help Topics will be, well, helpful, in case of any confusion or doubts, feel free to raise a thread for clarifications. We'll help you out so that you enjoy your experience at ISC. Have fun!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    You are welcome in ISC- a platform where we learn to horn our skills and write better. Even I have been active on ISC from very recently, it gives us the opportunity to earn while we learn.

    I found this site really great! So, helpful and encouraging! I love it, I like it!

    You will also feel the same. We are all learner here and we welcome your addition on this ISC.

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    Anjana, welcome to ISC.
    You have started your writing in ISC by a brief introduction post.
    You say tha you " .. have lot of time after my household work and do not want to waste...". That is a positive aim. You will find ISC quite useful for learning many things as well as showing your writing potential and refining it.
    " I came to know about this site while browsing online. Find it interesting and joined it."- Many of us also have come to ISC like that. We stay hooked to it as we all find it useful and productive in some way.

    Welcoming your posts and waiting for them.

    Best Wishes

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    Welcome Anjana, to this wonderful educational and knowledge sharing site and if you have interest in creative writing and want to use your time in a constructive way, I think you are at the right and appropriate place.

    You might be observing that there are many responses to your first post in forum section and that itself shows the helping and cordial atmosphere here.

    You can find and learn everything here by going through the help sections and reading the various articles and things like that but to make your job simpler I will just give you a brief about this site and then you can take the things in your own perspective.

    This site works on the lines of - Learn to earn, Earn to learn!

    So everything you do here will be seen by the editors and will remain here saved till there is nothing offending or indecent in that. Whatever you submit will be given some points and sometimes some cash credits also which is known here as 'cc'.

    For example if you write an article in the article section and submit it then after the approval you will get some general points as well as some cc. Depending upon your quality and content it could be anything from 15 points plus cc to 100 points plus cc or may be more.

    So there are many sections and you will be remunerated there in almost a similar fashion though range of the scores will vary from section to section.

    Over and above that there will be weekly and monthly awards and you will also get so many contests to participate that you will be able to keep yourself busy in that and obviously if you fare well you will be awarded points or cc or both depending upon the contest and award will be ranging from 40 to 500 cc or points or cc plus points.

    You can contribute on any subject here but this site has a preference for material related to education, details of educational institutions, job opportunities, educational courses, exam papers, admission advertisements and many things like that.

    So stay here for a longer time and reap the real benefits which this site will be providing to your growth in the world of creative writing.

    All the best and keep contributing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Welcome to the site. It always gives me a sort of pleasure feeling whenever I see a new member joining this site.

    You have come to the right place if you want to enhance your writing skills or are interested in writing.

    Before going ahead here you should go through the "help " section where you will find useful things about things. Also, you could go through the pinned threads on the front page.

    Many of the people think online sites are just for earning but I feel it's not the case. ISC is not only the place to earn but also to learn. If you have joined just for the earning then I would recommend to focus more on the article section where you may earn better cash credit. Also from ask expert section will offer cc depending upon the quality of your answer.

    The forum is the vibrant section where you may discuss things you like. On the basis of the quality of your response, you may be awarded cc.

    So go ahead and participate in different sections here.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Encouraging to there are so many supportive statments. Specially from non other but Managing Editor herself.
    Thank you all, I hope I will bring some postivity in me.

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