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    Which is the best way to conduct election without any much expenditure?

    India is a vast country with 133 crore population. Election to our Parliament and state Assembly consumes a lot of money for the conduct of election to get our Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assembly. What is spent is the people's money? The election is held for many days. A lot of manpower is wasted. Parties adopt unfair means to win the election. Cash is distributed to attract voters. Booth capturing, false accounting and other malpractices are practiced. The Election Commission and law enforcement authorities are not able to control the situation. They become a mere observer of the happenings.

    My this thread is - How to conduct a quick free and fair election without any expense?

    Your valid suggestions are invited.
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    The present system of EVM is the best system. Problem in our Country is that we try to break the system and try to find fault with them. We do not look at how to improve the system. Any party which has lost the election will blame the EVM. The first and foremost is that every citizen should be sincere and honest. We have come across cases where candidates were found in possession thousands of Voters ID card. If people are corrupt any system in the world will provide any solution.
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    My problem is the expenditure involved in the election. How to curtail the election expenditure to the barest minimum possible? Printing of ballot papers and manufacture of EVM costs heavily. The staff employed to oversee the election, counting of votes, their pay and allowances, transportation of the ballot boxes and EVMs to counting centers, deployment of police forces and their special allowances, counting of votes etc cost a heavy lot of money.

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    It is true. Expenditure is very high. Many days are lost. The government employees will lose a lot of time for the elections. Many other department officers will be deputed here. They will spare their time and hence their work in their mother department will get wasted. But in a country like India which is a democratic country, this will go one. I don't find any other way.
    Like all other transactions, whether voting also can be done online from the computers from the houses without going to polling booths is to be seen. In such a case, some election expenditure will come down. There should not be any physical propaganda. The history of the people who are contesting should be sent online to all the voters. They can study and select the best candidate online. Then there will not be any advertising expenses also.
    But is it possible in our country is a big question mark? Even this system is not so far implemented in any country also I think.

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    Dr. Rao,
    I second your good proposal. It is a well-thought suggestion to curtail expenditure to the barest minimum. Ultimately the voters spend one or two rupees for voting. The service provider like BSNL or Airtel earns a good sum. Online voting is very successful. In reality shows like super singer contests, the winner is selected through SMS received in favour of the contestants. It is a proven system. Who will suggest this to our Election Commission?

    @ To be successful, and to avoid any malpractices, it should be an Aadhaar Number based voting.

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    Let's follow Sweden. It conducts online elections. India at present is the most internet using country so it shouldn't be a problem. Especially when even cheap phones can avail data with Jio. Every citizen votable, must be given with a Unique indentification number with which they can login and vote. Obviously the system would crash with India's population so each city must vote in a set period. This is not only the cheapest, safest way but also the most foolproof way of election. The only challenge to this system is that we Indians hate change. We would rather wait in queue for hours. We would rather have faulty ballet boxes. We would rather have corruption than change.
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    I think online voting is one of the solutions for this but it requires the awareness and access to internet by the common masses. At the same time we can devise ways to help people in voting online till a place or step and after that let him do last two steps without any help. As it will be done through password protected protocol it will be safer alternative.

    Once Aadhaar card is fully functional we can ask the voter to cast his vote against that Aadhaar number so that no one can cast it again. In that case the voters choice will be delinked with the Aadhaar number and we will not know who has voted for whom.

    Linking the voting to the National Identity card is a good thought as those who are illegal migrants will not get access to it.

    If there is a political will and people cooperate anything can be implemented in the country.

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