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    Pakistan is looking for a leader like Narendra Modi

    I happen to watch one video clip of a panel discussion held in one of the Pakistani TV channel. The anchor and the panelists in the discussion were very appreciative of Shri. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India. They wondered how a person like Narendra Modi , a Chaiwala rose up to the position of Prime Minister. How the Super powers of the world spread red carpet for him. How thousand people gather to hear his speech. In comparison a Pakistani Prime Minister does not get similar welcome and when they address only few sick and old people gather. Therefore all the panelists were vocal that Pakistan should also to have a person like Narendra Modi as their Prime Minister.
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    Let them think of uniting with India to have Modi as one Prime Minister for both India and Pakistan. The new name of the combined country would be (India/Hindusthan+Pakistan)= INPASTAN/HINPASTHAN". Why I say this because there is no leader like Modi born or live in Pakistan.

    @Inpasthan literally means - Happy land.

    No life without Sun

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    This is the strength of our PM that Pakistan too wants to have a PM like him. Modiji has shown that India is not behind others and the way we are doing we will soon become the superpower of the world.

    Pakistan definitely fears of him due to his recent decision of air strikes and surgical attacks there. They are scared of him and wants a leader like him who can think of the growth of their nation.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    There is a famous saying that as you sow so shall you reap & we can be evident of the same here & is the case with our PM Modi but there are lots of short sightedness & narrow minded individuals like the whole of the opposition parties including the Congress President Rahul Gandhi who are unable to digest this appreciations & keep busy themselves with the nonsensical facts & arguments against him. After all these I am wondering about how long that this will continue by the so called liberal media & with the grand alliances without any credentials on their account.

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    I liked the satire in SuN's post660695 : "Let them think of uniting with India to have Modi as one Prime Minister for both India and Pakistan. " Nice response.

    But why should we takeover such huge liabilities and ills?.

    Let the people of Pakistan get good sense and come out of their brain slavery to the vested interests there and think democratically and in a civilised way and elect a democratic leader who can think as a democratic human leader and able to take independent decisions with the help of right thinking people and politicians.
    Let them understand that good neighbourly relations with India and India people only can bring prosperity to them. Let them understand and act in a way that terrorism is going o be their destruction and act accordingly.

    Let Pakistan people copy the Indian democratic politics and the sense of Indian voters and elect a proper and fully democratic government first. Let them have their own leader who has the virtues of Indian leaders and think like India's 'Vasudaiva kudumbam' thought always.

    Let them first copy and implement Narendra Modi's advice -to fight poverty and terrorism and not fight India.

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    It reflects the attachement of the people of Pakistan to be a part of Indian - culture, languages and after all to establish ties with the Indian personalities including our PM Narendra Modi.
    We have seen their deep passion with the Indian people and only there are leaders of both sides making some statements leading to strained relationship between the two countries.
    Let their love be intensified so that there will be a stronger bond in the upcoming time and any effort to destabilise such a normal relationship by the leaders of Pakistan would not materlise.

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    Many Pakistani politicians, military officers, landlords, media persons and other celebrities and intellectuals are astounded by the ascending of Narendra Modi. Such rise by a person from a humble background is difficult but possible in India, but is unimaginable in Pakistan because of the feudal characteristics.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Modi is entirely a different type of politician. He don't have any personal aspirations which will come in the way for developing the country. That makes him a stand out among all the politicians of these days. Any common man in India today says that Modi can be singelled out in the entire country for his unconditional commitment for the development of the country.
    Especially the support he is getting of all other countries is excellent. This itself will talk about his stature. That is the reason why Pakistan people are waiting for a man like Modi to become their PM. But I think it is very difficult to find out such a person in that country. Even in our country how many persons like him can be identified. May be a few whom we can count on our fingures.
    Adding milk to milk is OK. Adding water to milk can also be tolerated. But adding salt to milk is never suggested as the entire milk will get spoiled. So before asking Pakistan to get combined with our country one should think twice and should be careful.

    always confident

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