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    My doubt about the usage of punctuations inverted comma and full stop

    I have a small and silly but genuine doubt about the correct usage of some punctuations. They are - Inverted commas, full stop and the question mark at the end of a sentence.

    Just read the following sentences carefully and select the correct sentences.
    1. He asked, "Are you an ISC member?"
    2. He asked, "Are you an ISC member"?
    3. I said, "Yes. I am an ISC member".
    4. I said, "Yes. I am an ISC member."
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    Even after 24 hrs, I do not find any response to this post from English experts. Why not ISC editors have a look at this thread and post their responses? Is there anyone at ISC who is very good at English?
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    He asked, "Are you an ISC member?"
    I said, "Yes. I am an ISC member."

    What I read is when you write a sentence in direct speech you should use inverted commas to reproduce exactly the sentence what somebody has used when talking to you. A full stop should come after the end of every sentence. The inverted commas should be closed after the conversation is closed. So in my opinion the above two sentences are correct.

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    Yes, very correct Mr Rao.

    Subtle grammatical rules in any language are difficult to remember and many of us do mistakes on that front irrespective of whether we are members or editors here. So that could be a reason to respond to this post late.

    Inverted commas will come after the full stop only. So the sentences at number 1 and 4 are correct.

    Sometimes we confuse in using the commas and inverted commas. I am always getting many commas to be corrected by the Grammarly app when I check it before submission.

    Another example is -
    1. "Friends," said the old man, "sit down."
    2. "Friends", said the old man, "sit down."

    Out of above two sentences only number 1 is correct. Just because of a comma.

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    Dr. Rao and Neetu,
    Thanks a lot. I got it. I am convinced.

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    I was taught in my school that fullstop would come after quotes and grammarly doesnt mind either. But question mark absolutely belongs inside the quotation marks. The reason why I think fullstop should be outside quotes is that, it is convenient to start a new sentence that way. Question marks are enclosed in quotes because the character asks a question.

    So I think 1 & 3 are correct answers. I might be wrong but I have been writing everything that way to this point and never faced a problem.

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    Certainly, there is a logic behind your explanation. I want to see the other members opinion.

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