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    Which is good for our Country Dynasty Rule or Non-Dynasty Rule

    In our Country many politicians irrespective parties foster their sons, daughters, Grand sons, Grand daughters and relatives in politics. Sons and daughters carry on the legacy and win elections by using the names of their father or mother. The party workers who have toiled for the party failed to get seat during the elections. Whereas the sons and daughters of these politicians without working in the party cadres, directly enter in to politics and take the leadership mantle. Who is good for the Country, a leader who have worked in the party cadre and grown in the party or the sons and daughters of the politicians.
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    I think we all can agree that dynastic politics is toxic. It is not useful to the country as they are no longer our representatives. They are representatives of their family. A comedian called Kunal Kamra once said that our country will see tremendous success under Ambani as a leader. I totally agree. The business minded men are needed to this superstition ravaged emotional country. My thoughts resonate with him. I want some tycoon to run our country for few years.
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    Dynasty rule can never be encouraging in a democracy. It is a burden on the nation it should be hauled by some capable honest and efficient person. Rule by a family can be a sure obstruction in the progress and development of a country. And the progress of a country comes to a halt under dynasty rule.
    I think India has a potential of a capable leader who can transform the country into a prosperous nation. Running after dynasty rule seems unfair and hunt should evolve into the non-dynasty rule.
    There are always chances of unfair affairs under dynasty rule. So, better a non- dynasty government and prosper better!

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    When the loyalty of the public is with the dynasty rule then it is difficult to avoid it as the mandate is with the king or the ruling party.

    In other cases there is scope of getting a better person generally in the non dynasty mode as people from varied background come up in that. Though it is not a rule that dynasty person would be always not so good in governance and other matters.

    The fact is that if the person on the top is honest and progressive and have guts to change the system from corrupt to honest, then it does not material whether he belongs to dynasty or non dynasty. What matters most is the progress of the country and improvement in the conditions of the poor people.

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    I say NO to Dynasty Rule and say a big YES to Non-Dynasty Rule. In a Democracy, there should be no room for Dynasty Rule. India and Indian states are not their family property. One family one leader should be the mantra we should follow.
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    In India , politicians consider politics is a business. They spend money during the election and get elected through corrupt practices and they amass money. They invest these money in benami business. In order to pursue their illegal business they promote their wards in politics. Their position in politics helps them to protect their illegal business.
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    What do you mean by dynasty rule. In India we are finding dynasty rule only. Nehru, nehru's Indira Gandhi, Indira Gandhi's son Rajiv Gandhi, then Rajiv's wife Sonia and her son Rahul. We know this isa dynasty rule only. Mulayam Singh Yadav, his sons, KCR then KTR, Babu then Lokesh and Deva Gouda and his sons.Everywhere we see this dynasty rule only. This is what actually spoiling our country. They feel the country is their father's property. This should not be encouraged.
    It is always better to have non dynasty rule.The person from the same family should not be allowed to contest. All the sons, daughters and their partners should not be allowed to contest. Then only we will have a better governance.

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    India is a democratic nation where the rulers of the country are elected by the will of the people. India is a country where kings and princess are not ruling the country as dynasty ruled countries. It is foolish to say that individuals of certain family voted to power is called a dynasty. If Mrs. Indira Gandhi won or lost, if Rajiv Gandhi won or lost, if Mr.Rahul Gandhi won or not able to become a PM, Mrs.Menaka Gandhi or Mr.Varun Gandhi won or lost because of democracy only. There is no rule in the constitution that a particular family member can't become an Assembly member or MP or PM. People who got inborn hatred towards Congress are creating such lobbying in the public. A party where one head controlling everything and all others becoming puppets is more dangerous than what they are lobbying in the public.

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