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    What should be the main agenda for the political parties in the general election 2019

    The political parties are busy in mudslinging with each other and forgetting the peoples aspirations and expectations from them. What should be main agenda in the election campaign of political parties in the General election 2019 so that people should vote for them
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    India is a leading exporter of many goods and services. We want someone who can either boost it or make it so we become not only self sufficient but surplus producers. That should be the agenda of the 2019.
    India still is backwards in secondary sector.

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    Farmers are badly hit, so there should be some better privileges for them. Farmers work hard in their field but are getting a meager sum which is sheer injustice!
    Unemployment is the biggest problem. It is ever increasing and without any relief to the educated youth. It really is a grave problem which needs some serious attention!
    Basic facilities to all the household in the country can also be incorporated in the agenda, there are some people in India who lack even basic facilities! Education, pure drinking water and better health facilities are important for everyone in the country.
    All these things should be the priorities of the parties.

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    My five-point agenda
    1. Care and look after the farmers who are the backbone of India
    2. Abolish income Tax of salaried class.
    3. Strengthen our defence force.
    4. Modify GST
    5. Distribute the black money equally to one and all in India.

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    There wouldn't be anything new in terms of the main agenda but the same would still be the main focus for any of the political parties. Since the time of our independence, the political parties have been talking of farmers, unemployment, basic facilities like the toilets including the education, pure drinking water and better health facilities as rightly pointed out by the #660725 Umar but is this good enough for us. I don't feel so because we are surrounded by the major problems of reservation system in every functional areas of government jobs along with the middleman who eliminate the big margin of the original manufactures at the ground level with the opportunities full of biased linking on the basis of caste, communities & religions as well as on the other basis too.

    But looking at the current political debacle wherein half of the leaders of the different political parties being released on bail, there seems no solution but being shifted to the next election time.

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    The main agenda for all political parties is one and the same. That is coming to power. They will have only one point agenda. To get that fulfilled they will say money things to the people. Once they win the elections they will forget about the promises they have made. In India voters are also forgetful in nature and hence there in no problem for the politicians to say whatever they want. So I never think about agenda of elections.

    Any how you have asked me I like to have the following point:
    1. Equal opportunities for all the people irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.
    2.Creating employment to all the eligible persons.
    3. Reasonable pension to the people who retired from private companies who contributed for EPF.
    4. No subsidies.
    5.No tax on income but tax on expenditure.
    6. Banking policies should be more strict towards industrialists and bank charges for operations for individuals should be waived offf.
    7. Giving the agriculture also due importance by recognising that also as in industry.
    8. Retirement policy for political leaders and no pension to them.

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