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    Is it prudent for the former Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers to contest election

    Is it right and prudent for the former Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers to contest the election after completing their terms? It is okay if they contest election to have a subsequent second term or third term. But if they have not won the election or if their party could not come to power again, it is ideal for them to sit and rest at home.

    I do not like to see a former PM or CM contesting elections and sitting in the opposition benches. They should become advisers to their party. And they should not be given a ticket to contest the election.

    What do you say?
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    The present day politicians stick to their chair till their death. They give up position only in situations where their wards become successors. Otherwise they do not trust their party cadres and do not allow them to occupy important positions in the party. There is no rule or regulation barring former Prime Minister or Chief Minister in contesting elections. But it is not moral on the part of former Prime Minister or Chief Minister to contest the election and in the event of their defeat sit in the opposition
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    For a politician power is very important. He should be there either parliament or assembly. So they never bother about anything. One good thing is a candidate who was in President or Vice President post was not contesting in elections to become an MLA or MP. I wonder we may see that also in coming days. Another trend in politics these days is to bring their son or daughter Into politics. It is becoming a right of that family to be in power. This is a very harmful trend and we should not encourage this, A former state minister who won elections on Congress ticket is changing the party as his was offered an MP ticket from the ruling party TRS in Hyderabad. Such is the situation in the country. The ruling party is having more than required seats and very stable. Even then they are encouraging other party MLAs to join their party by offering Minister post. This is the condition of the democracy in our country.

    Personally I feel a PM who last in the immediate next elections should not contest for any post. He should take rest and advise the party for the success of the party. But this may not happen.

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    Unless and until we have a law like that of US restricting the number of terms for the top post, we will be seeing the leaders stand for election as long as they feel.
    Second level and third level leaders and youth have always the complaint of lack of opportunity for their growth in the party or government because the old hands are still at the game.
    So the only way is to enact a law that a person can hold a post for just two terms.
    But even then our people find a way out. They bring their spouse, children or other close relatives. That is what we get to see.
    Who will be the cat in regard to reforming such matters?

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    Yes, what Mr. Venkiteswaran told is true. As people like them to continue for another term as they found good for them to rule who will stop in the democracy to contest. Similarly, members of the same family of an earlier PM or CM got elected because people like them to see as their ruler what is wrong in a democracy. How can you call it as a dynasty rule? There is no such law to say this particular person is eligible or not eligible to contest in a democratic nation like India. If anybody lobbying like that is undemocratic.

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    What I sincerely suggest is - After having enjoyed one or two terms as PM or CM, one should not aspire to continue in politics as a Minister or MP or MLA. That should be the end of their political career. If they do so, it would be below their dignity. It is like this. After completing post-graduation, one aspires to be an undergraduate.

    Will a Manager of a firm like to work in an organization as a Deputy or Assistant Manager or in any lower post? The same should be applied in politics too.

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