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    Projection of Rahul Gandhi by Congrees party as their Prime Ministerial candidate

    Congress party has projected Rahul Gandhi as their Prime Ministerial candidate. Congress party continue to hang on to Nehru family and take advantage of Gandhi dynasty. Will the congress party succeed in the general election 2019. Will Rahul Gandhi prove as the savior of Congress party.
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    I feel as on date he is not an useful stuff for Prime Minister post. Many of his actions, remarks, speeches and debates made me to feel that he has to get seasoned more. Even he don't have full idea of many issues which he talks outside. Some of his talks in other countries gave a very bad impression among those countries. He should learn. But he always talks as if he has already the PM of this country.
    In India, the unfortunate issue is the age old Congress party has become so unpopular and we don't see a good matured politician in that party. If the trend continues It will be a real problem to the party. He brought his sister to support him. From one side mother and from the other side sister all Congress behind him. But there is no change in his approach.

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    The Congress party is like a vehicle running in reserve. The once powerful Congress vehicle driven by Panditji, Indiraji and Rajivji with fully filled tank could not be refilled by the present generation Congress leaders Sonia G, Rahul G and Priyanka G. There is a weak hole leaking badly or the system is not functioning properly. The Congress vehicle fuel tank has come to reserve and is likely to be emptied soon.

    Hope my comparison is well understood by the readers.

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