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    Do you feel irritated too?

    Could you name any of the political parties who being actively existing since age old times of our independence & have got something new to share & exchange with us as for the up-coming election. Earlier we had some issues with the prevalent times & in the meantime too we all are struggling with the same issues with no changes in the major problems & surprisingly we don't have time in order to analyze about what has led to this all. It would be interesting to note on the below link with the numbers of agendas that the political parties should come-up with in order to improve the situation & in what different ways that those would be different from the earlier once.

    What should be the main agenda for the political parties in the general election 2019

    Continuously repetition of the repetitive agendas by the political parties is the biggest means of irritation to me & possibly for you as well but than what changes that you have come-up with in order to bring some changes to these or you feel that this doesn't require any serious rethinking on your end because this simply never possible.
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    We have lost trust in politics and politicians. In yesteryear's we had politicians who would dedicated their life for the service of the people. They lead their life by example. They would spend their hard earned money to serve the people. But now politics and become business for politicians. They invest money in politics and get the return after coming to power. Every politicians leads luxury life at our cost. We are not becoming sensible in electing our representatives. We elect corrupt people and they corrupt the entire system.
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    I think the system has gone beyond repairable state Many politicians are in the politics to earn money. So from the Day 1 they won the elections they will think of accumulating the wealth. There is a problem withmajority of voters also. We never go by the merits and demerits of the people who are contesting. We see to which religion he belongs and to which caste he belongs. The corrupted politicians are making the people also corrupt. During Telangana elections I heard a discussion between two people. The discussion is about the money they received from various candidates and they are discussing about a candidate who had not offered them any money.
    People should see the merits and demerits of the contestants and decide on the basis of their evaluation. All other issues will not come into our mind. Then only good people will try to come into politics. Otherwise the present system only will continue. It is true that we will get irritated when we hear these people in politics will be tLking about the same issue in every election.

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