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    Foreigners are atracted to Indian culture and traditions but we neglect them

    India is very rich in culture, tradition and customs. Indian heritage has its standing in the world. But we Indians do not consider them important and teach them to our younger generation. Whereas in foreign countries they conduct research on Indian Culture and traditions and teach them in schools and colleges. Whereas in India we are so passionate and attracted towards foreign culture. We need to understand our culture and teach them to our younger generation. Sanskrit is taught in many schools and colleges in England and Germany. But in India, people are averse to learning Sanskrit.
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    A nice post. It is true we are deviating from our customs and traditions and foreigners are getting attracted to our culture. The tree which is in our back yard is not useful for us as medicine. This is what many people say. We all always feel that the food prepared in the neighbourhood is tasty than what is made in our house. This is where we are erring.
    We feel great if our son calll us dad, we willl get elated. But we never advise them to call us in our mother tongue. This is the unfortunate condition of our country as on date. A day will come when alll our people will forget our languages and Sanskrit. If we say that there are many aspects of our modern life are mentioned in our old Sanskrit books, many people feel we have no logic. If really a person who understand our vedas and science can really appreciate those epics. That is what foreigners are trying to do these days.(

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    Generally people have some attraction to something 'foreign'.
    We are attracted by the western'foreign' culture and habits.
    The westerners are attracted by the Indian( foreign to them) culture and traditions.
    We have learned English-a foreign language. They learn Sanskrit or Hindi or Tamil which are foreign languages to them.
    Moreover India has more variety to offer than the many other homogenic nations.

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    It is natural that people have a curiosity for the culture and traditions of other societies and some people travel a lot to get that experience. As other members have also mentioned, India has a great variety to offer to the tourists and they are surprised to see the diversity here.

    There is always a craze to learn the other language and if it is a good career opportunity every one will learn that. In Germany Sanskrit is used in doctoral level thesis and many people are ready to learn Sanskrit. As it is related to their career and growth, they like it however difficult it might had been.

    Knowledge is power.

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    At present, the younger generation of this country are more fascinated with the foreign, especially European/American culture. Dressing like them eating food items similar to theirs, etc.are becoming very common. This attitude among our younger generation is because of the type of education they are getting. Teaching and learning in a foreign language cannot be seen in any advanced country. If we go to Japan for some higher education, first we have to learn the Japanese language. This is the case with Germany, Russia and other advanced countries. At the same time in India English is the medium of instruction. So there is no wonder why our younger generation is attracted towards that culture. They look down upon our system of living.
    This system got rooted in our country because the English people were ruling us for more than two centuries. They insisted on learning English and using that medium for the administration. They treated the natives as a downtrodden group. Only those who got educated in English and behaved as an English man the higher positions in Government were allotted. So, naturally others were only peons or watchmen in offices. The new generation wanted to get freed from this set up. They hated everything that were being followed by their elder generation. This attitude continue even after our becoming independent.


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    There is generally a craze for foreign things and that applies well to the foreigners also.

    So some foreigners are much impressed with our culture and they try to learn it after coming here and then propagate it in their country through Yoga or things like that. At the same time many of us do not give cognizance to these in-house things.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Foreigners are attracted to Indian culture and traditions. They neither love it or understand it. Half of them have no idea what south India is. They love wearing sarees, teaching yoga, applying Ayurveda, learning Sanskrit and meditation. They love Indian food.
    But the core of our Hinduism is long lost. And we are oblivious of our core too. We are to be blamed first. After 1960, world started viewing Hinduism differently. Until then what seemed barbaric was now seeming exotic to the western world. The reason is successful marketing by our gurus. Our spiritual gurus like Vivekananda and Ramakrishna were adherents of Kali. Great devotees. But the thing that world took from then was spiritualism. To be frank, the west sees Hindus in the way Hindus see Buddhists. Calm, meditating, diligent and spiritual. Western world lacks peace and Hinduism seemed to offer them that without the harsh rules of Buddhist life. Hinduism seemed like a spiritual shortcut. We saw many great rock stars, business moguls and celebrities flocking to India after 60s. This was the reason.
    But the west fails to understand how Buddhism evolved as a way to escape rigorous rituals of Hinduism. Buddhism and Hinduism are as hardly related as something can get. Hinduism says "Don't be stoic. Do something. Rituals will lead you to God." Buddhism says "Be stoic. Desire nothing but salvation."

    That is the reason why the west that is obsessed with Indians can't digest facts like we wash ourselves in a river filled with corpses and call it holy. Ganga. They absolutely dont get cow dominance in India because western beliefs advocate- God made animals to assist man. Foreigners don't get Indian beliefs. What they are attracted to is their own inner peace that their environment fails to offer.

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