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    Fear of failure and anxiety for success sometimes makes work less enjoyable

    From childhood to adulthood there are many tasks we undertake in our lives for which we want to be successful and achieve good results. For example, school exams, board exams, competitive exams, job interviews, professional deliverables and projects etc. It's a human trait that they will never want to fail and they will be always looking forward to success and this is how it should be. We should always aim for success.

    But a question here to be answered is that does Fear of losing and anxiety of winning sometimes takes away the enjoyment of doing the work? Every human is programmed by God with some natural traits and abilities and people are likely to perform best when they are working as per their nature. Sometimes out of anxiety of winning we tend to modulate our natural way of working and try to change our workstyle as per the advice of others, by seeing others work or by reading from somewhere. Due to this sometimes we become uncomfortable and enjoyment of doing the work gets lost and we may still fail.

    Obviously, sometimes it is needed that we change our natural way of working to be successful, but this should be done keeping our comfort level in mind. You must have observed that when you work towards a goal without fear of losing or tension of winning you tend to work freely as per your nature and enjoy your work more. As humans, it is quite natural to have aspirations of success in every work we do. But sometimes leaving aside these fears and anxieties of winning and losing can make us work in a more relaxed way and it can even enhance our quality of work and chances of success.

    It sometimes happens that if we do our best and enjoy the work success automatically comes. On the other hand, if we keep on thinking whether we would succeed or fail it takes our focus out from work and we may fail.
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    Fear of failure and anxiety does obstruct progress and makes your work less enjoyable. This is very true. From childhood, we face the pressure of exams and it hampers our progress to achieve success.

    I think this may be due to too much pressure from parents on children to score high with the result a child feels immense fear of failure. Too much pressure on children is not fair on the tender soul instead encourage them to overcome this anxiety.

    And while growing into a more responsible person of the society, the workload can develop the anxiety to meet the deadlines and therefore, fear of failure becomes evident and enjoyable atmosphere becomes a bit less tasty.

    The more we become responsible more we feel pressure and fear achieve success. But taking too much pressure is not good, however, a little bit of it prepares you for your work to achieve success. Otherwise, we will not be able to study or work properly in the fields we work in.

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    The world is becoming more and more competitive and we have to work hard and go on for relentless pursuit of our objectives.

    This brings in some amount of stress and worry in our life and that is natural considering the fearful situations in life if we do not succeed in our endeavours.

    So, when we work hard to keep up with the cut throat competition, sometimes it so happens that we fail in our attempts. It is sad but there is no point in weeping over that. We have to come out of this setback and prepare for the next activity.

    Life goes like that only. The vissicititudes of life will be in that fashion. What we have to do is control our feelings and again try for the targets.

    It is not that everytime we will fail. Things change with time and after each sunset there is a sunrise albeit not immediately but later after 10-12 hours.

    So, working rigorously and keeping hope are the two parameters which are required to ger success in life.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This aspect depends on the financial strength of the individual. If a person is not dependent alone on his salary for his daily needs, he need not have fear of his job. Any private employee will always have a fear of job. If he is not working up to the satisfaction of his boss, may lose the job. He has to work to satisfy the boss rather feeling happy about his work. There will be targets and no one escape from those targets. Anxiety should not be there. But fear can be there so that he can excel in his work. We have to be proactive and plan our works in advance and we should follow the plan. Then there will not be any anxiety. When we work without anxiety the results will be good and we will be successful.
    At the same time, one should have confidence in him. The work what we do should be done confidently and strictly adhere to the plan made so that we can ensure the success of the project.

    always confident

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    Failure is stepping stone for success. If you fear of failure you will not succeed in life. We have learnt to ride bicycle after several falls. Otherwise we would not have learn. We cannot always succeed in everything. I am sure everyone in their life have come across success and failure in their life. Whenever we fail we should introspect ourselves and see why we have failed. When we correct the previous mistake we can achieve the success next time.
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