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    When nothing happens at per our plan and wish then why to worry?

    Destiny plays an important role in our life. What is destined will happen in spite of all the planning and precaution we take. Life is very unpredictable and sometimes we may be expecting that A will happen or B will happen but actually C happens which we never thought of. We analyze the situations as per all our wit and make meticulous plans but still, destiny can have its own way and make everything fail.

    We sometimes tend over think about the future and make too many plans and keep expectations due to which sometimes we lose peace of our mind. But the reality is that life is going to take its own course so there is no use of unnecessary worrying about future outcomes and plans. Rather than that we should enjoy life, be adjusting and take it as it comes.

    Don't worry, be happy!
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    An interesting post encouraging us to add our viewpoints to the issue.

    The concept of destiny is in all the communities across the world and people believe in that. In our scriptures it is everywhere mentioned that whatever we do the things will turn out as destined. So it is something on which we do not have any control because the unknown power who is making our destiny or deciding things for us is not known to us and we have to accept whatever fated.

    The problem in this axiom is that we do not foresee our destiny and have no clue about it. We can only conjecture about it which is as good as doing nothing about it.

    So, what we have to do ? Leave everything on destiny and just wait for things to happen by their selves or do some efforts? This is a question baffling equally the common men as well the philosophers and scholars on this Earth.

    In my opinion, one has to work hard and do all out efforts and if things do not turn as per our expectations then should not worry about it because you can always assume that it was destined. But it does not mean that I stop my efforts. I have to do more arduous work and more efforts next time to have success as I am totally blind about the outcome of my efforts.

    If it is destined that only after my fourth attempt I will get success then I must go for that. The unfortunate thing is I do not know this beforehand. So only option for me to try continuously and wait for that opportune moment when my efforts and my density coincides.

    I want to illustrate the example of a writer here who wrote for quite some time but the publishers did not approve his writings. But he went on writing volumes by volumes and one day he got a break (as destined?) and then there was no looking back.

    So destiny may be a fact but only way to fight with it continuous efforts with hard work and dedication.

    Whether we believe in destiny or not the only way is to fight with it with our all our efforts like in a war.

    Knowledge is power.

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    No doubt life is uncertain and many such things happen in our lives which we never thought of to happen. Most of the time we make a plan and work hard for it but things dont happen as per what we had desired.

    That is destiny and we cannot do anything except giving our best effort. Few people leave hopes and leave it to destiny alone but that's not good as we should always try our best and leave it to God as if we fail then God may have thought something else for us. Actually, success is dependent on hard work and destiny both so how can we leave it on destiny alone. It's those people who are afraid of doing hard work give all blame to destiny when they fail and such people can never grow in their life and must change their mentality of blaming destiny. Maybe then they may succeed.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Destiny is an important aspect of life. It has a wider role to play in life.Yes, destiny is already fixed and everyone will get what is destined for a person. No less, no more!

    But that doesn't mean we have to stay idle not doing any work and leaving everything to destiny. No! Almighty don't change the situation or destiny of a nation until they themselves are firm to change it. So, working hard and striving for good should be the norm of every nation and every person.

    Though destiny has the role to play in one's life, we can't leave it to destiny alone. Working hard doesn't matter how many times we face failure, never let the laziness overpower you and always put your best possible efforts.

    Because you are rewarded for your efforts not for waiting what is destined for you! You will get only what is destined for you but your efforts and hard work are also counted and accordingly rewarded.

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    We all believe in destiny. Things will happen the way it will happen. But the end result will come only after our toil and hard work. If destiny is that Kauravas will have to die in the battle, why Pandava has to fight. They can simply sit and see the fun. Even though the destiny is decided there should be a way for that happening. That is what Krishna told to Arjuna. He told Arjuna not to think that he is killing all these people. Already they were killed by God. But he has chosen Arjuna as media who will perform the works as destined by Him.
    But the point here is one should not worry for his failures and one should not be proud of his success. It is destined to happen the way it is happening. Leave everything to God but perform your duty and the result will follow as destined automatically. So go on performing your duties but never have any hopes on the outcome.

    always confident

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    No one knows whether destiny is there or not. We simply believe in it and if something contrary to our expectation happens then the blame goes to the destiny only.

    I think we should not be worried about the destiny much and do our work with zeal and vigour.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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