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    Which came first, religion or morality?

    I often think that both things are correlated as all the religions talk about morality. Then what came first, obviously morality.

    Morality is not based on religion. This is one of the facts that confuses the theists who think that morality is based on religion. A person may have good moral values but may be an atheist.

    It's surprising that when religion is based on morality then why we emphasise more on the religion why can't we have good moral values only. I think if we do that then there may not be any riots and the world will be more peaceful.

    The religion certainly strengthens a person's morality but that's not required for a person to believe in any religion for it.

    For me, morality comes first then a religion. What's your opinion on it?
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    A good post by the author giving much scope of discussions and deliberations to the human minds.

    If we believe the theory of evolution of animals, particularly human beings on this planet, then we find that survival of the species who could fight the adverse conditions in the nature as well their predators was the key element for the living beings dominating the terrestrial space.

    Scholars believe that the fearful mind of the humans in time of adversities started the offering of prayers to the mother nature to stop the furies of nature time to time. As we know that any natural calamity subsides with time but the primitive humans thought that nature has accepted their prayers and stopped the calamity (many of us still think like that).

    So, that was the starting point and the concept of God was perceived by the primitive tribes and it later culminated in a region confined to that locality or area only.

    Meanwhile, our ancestors also learned with experience what to do or not to do in those old habitats and they became the basic principles of morality.

    So we can say that morality and religion evolved side by side and anthropologist and historians believe that these two things slowly linked to each other and from a common man's outlook remained bounded together.

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    Interesting question. I think the first which came to us is sense. The sense to feel and think moreover to manipulate ourselves and sarrounding people.

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    Morality is more important than religion. We need not believe religion and we need believe God. But we should never go back on morality. We should not have bad habits and we should not harm others. Helping others and following values in life is important.
    The concept of God and religion might have evolved the first rather than morality. It may be formulated by mankind based on the behaviour accepts of the fellow human beings. But the importance of morality should be understood by all people and they should not deviate from that line
    But these days people completely forgetting the morality and even religion also they are using for their benefit. The ultimate aim of the people these days is to earn money and enjoy life. In that pursuit, if necessary they don't bother to give away their moral values and use religion as a tool for personal benefits.

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    Morality is an important characteristic of a person. We should inculcate good characters and morals.

    Religion is the way of life, it teaches you the morality and how to behave? We can't separate religion from morality. It is when we practice our religion we come to know of morality. We practice all other aspects of life while practicing our religion.

    Suppose, for me, my religion teaches me morality, it teaches me how to behave and deal with all affairs of life- happy or sad. My religion teaches me the rights of women as well as how to talk to a woman with respect. My religion teaches me tolerance and it teaches me humanity.
    So, I can't separate my religion from morality. My religion teaches me all the good thing including morality.

    Same is the case with your religion. When you know of your religion, you come to know of morality and all good things that you should do in life. Nobody can teach you better than your religion about your aspects of life including morality.

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    Morality is an important attribute and it's integrity is very important in our life. We do not know when the humans became conscious of this but it is something to adhere to.

    Religion on the other hand is something to practice to make life orderly and work within the stipulated boundaries.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    What you say is true. I am an atheist and I don't find my morals questionable. I find my views very pragmatic. Morals have nothing to do with religion. Religion is a powerful source that can bring people of same stature and thinking together. But the proof that morality is older than religion is with us thanks to modern technology. If burying dead and looking after older people/ crippled people of our family is moral to you, then Neanderthals who lived 30,000 years ago, did it. A fossil of a 6000 year old girl was found. The girl died when she was 17. With some disease probably . Her legs deformed by birth rendered her life miserable. Atleast that is what scientists thought until they found cavities in her teeth. These cavities were because of her family member treating and spoiling this child with sweets such as dates. Taking care is a highly moral thing if anyone asks me. Because it only is possible when you realize you can feel what the person in front of you can. So morality always comes before religion. Don't lose your morality defending your religion.
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    Every religion profess morality. Irrespective of religion moral values in life is very much important. People with good moral values makes society good and peaceful. Peace in world over is disturbed by few self centered groups. These groups , claim to be part of some religion or the other and tarnish the image of the religion. The reason for this is they are not taught religious principles properly. In other words they are taught distorted version of religious principles.
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    Why the religion and morality need be tied together, I don't get. Morality refers mainly to the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong. Or it is related to the good behaviour or bad one. Of course, in religion also these are taken care of. But it is only a cover to bring in certain other interests. Otherwise, why so many religions are here. Also there are no strict means in religions to control the misbehaviour of the people. That implies the religions are not capable of controlling the members from doing wrongs.
    There must be certain mechanisms to control the immoral activities of every member.


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