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    Why the younger generation is so confused about its career?

    There was a time when after acquiring the educational credentials, people went to search for the jobs and joined whatever adequate came in their ways. There were little specializations and few choices and it was a straight forward approach to seek a job and join it, if it is available, without any confusion.

    Today there are a plethora of career streams and even the experts on educational consultancy are not aware of the many of new opportunities.

    At the same time there is a big gap between the number of jobs and academically qualified people in our country. So getting a job is becoming a nightmare exercise.

    I feel that due to these factors the present generation is in a state of doldrums and inspite of so many new emerging areas, is not able to take a focussed path for making their careers.

    What is your point of view on this issue?
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    This may be due to lack of employment these days. Unlike past, even the engineers don't get the job an have to sit at home. It's not that easy to get a job these days and the main reason for the same may be the population.

    In the past, people used to get the job even after doing the graduation but nowadays even the professional courses may be able to get them a good job.

    Youngsters these days dream of a good salary and try for such options but sometimes they fail to get such an option. Therefore in such a race of being wealthy in a short time they get confuses of choosing a career.

    I remember in my college days many of the students chose to do engineering but they could not complete in stipulated 4 years. This is because their parents forced them to go for engineering without knowing that if their kid has the capability to do it.


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    I respectfully disagree with the statement that our younger generation are confused. In fact, they are well ware of their planning for the better future.

    There were time when we were confused (older generation) that where to go what to do after the graduation. Now, the time is changed, today's younger generation youth are so smart that they know where to head after 10th. Yes, everyone may not run for the government job but they are better equipped today with compare to older generation.

    I personally feel we should encourage them instead calling them confused.

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    The main difference between the earlier days is the choices. When I completed my education, I aimed for a job. Whatever job I got I joined. After that, I acquired some experience and changed t the job. Those days the youth are thinking of getting a job. But these days the youth are selective. Many engineers don't want the on-field job. They want to work in IT industry only. The present-day condition is very much better than whatever we have seen when we are young.

    These days there are many specialisations and many new areas which are open to the youth. The purchasing capacity of the persons increased. So many small outlets and big malls are increasing. There the jobs are more. People are using many services like getting food to the house, online purchases so on and so forth. All these are making people to earn money some way or other. I feel there is a lot of improvement and all depends on the intentions and willingness of the individual.

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    It could be due to the tough job situation in the country and variety of career options today.

    Today students are having more facilities and options than that of the earlier times and many of them are charting out their careers successfully.

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    I too feel that the job opportunities are more these days, compared to forty or fifty years back. Also there are more possibilities for selection. The reason for not finding jobs, or the 'confusion' is the increase in the qualified candidates. Earlier the number of applicants were limited and also the number of qualified hands. Now the number of applicants are getting increased day by day, but the vacancies are not proportionately increasing.
    Another problem these days faced by the job seekers is that the increasing number of specialisations. The market is filled with agencies offering courses with multi specialities. Many of them are just money making business. Actually such courses also lead the job seekers into confusion.


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