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    Why men are more interested in women's dress than their work?

    Decades passd but majority of men still are the same. In party, social gatherings, public places and even temples. What most of us talk is the dress than their humble behaviours or their good work. No one notice that how a woman go through in their daily life. Not many care to give them their real respect but will be ready to criticise women.

    I would like to ask them those who keep such thinking that why they go to temple? To worship and darshan the God or to checking the dress of women? I would like to ask people in work place does a woman should be recognise with their dress or cloth than their work?

    Yes, there are few who wear such dress to attract people but it is up to a man if they want to become Vishwamitra to spoil their sense or Shiva to destroy such thoughts to save the humanity.
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    It is the controlling nature of human males that want to control not only their clothing but all aspects of their life. Starting from how much to learn, what to wear, what to study, where to marry... this all comes from a culture of a long time of patriarchy.
    The reason why it still it is still running from so long is that some women themselves are brainwashed enough to support this system. Women who oppose this control are shamed by their character.
    While it is fine for a man to go half naked in a place for worship, a woman has to be covered from the head to the bottom.

    There are members on this forum itself who say don't even think twice before saying that a wife should be submissive to their husbands. They feel empowered to put forward such reprehensible thoughts because rarely somebody shows them their right place. They don't care what the boys do before marriage, but want their future brides and daughters-in-law to be "untouched" and "uncorrupted". Till the time womenfolk of our country are not educated and united, this is what they will have to deal with always.

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    The author has given very clearly about this mentality of males that they take a note of all these factors rather than the actual work and worth of the women folks.

    This is a deep rooted thing and will require a lot of change in our thinking process before we get rid of it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes. Each one should respect the other person irrespective of gender. We can't talk about the personal points of others. The dressing will be as per the liking of the individual, so we can't comment on him/her. But when a student goes to school he has to go to school with a uniform. Otherwise, the teacher will not allow him into the school. Similarly, all the temples should also have a dress code and only people who follow that dress code should be allowed. This will solve the problem.
    When we go to a temple we expect a good environment there, so that we can forget about the worldly things and meditate sometimes there for peace of mind. If the atmosphere there also becomes like anywhere else the purpose of going to a temple is defeated. So it is better if the temples start implementing a dress code for entering into the temples.

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    Your words -" While it is fine for a man to go half naked in a place for worship, a woman has to be covered from the head to the bottom."
    In temples, no male deity has top wear. They are almost topless. They wear only a dhoti & ankavastra, not shirt, but the female deities have their body fully covered with a saree and blouse.
    Hence, devotees are also compelled to follow the same.
    As the deity, so are the devotees.
    Let us not get into temple culture and dress code followed inside the temple.

    In most of my past threads and responses, I have said that the male is an attracted sex while the female is an attractive sex. A male is naturally beautiful while the female is not, may it be a human being or animal being. Men do not need any makeup, but women need good makeup to look good and be attractive. 90 percent of the cosmetics available in the market are for women only.

    @ Like in the past, I still don't mind to write that a wife should be submissive to her husband for the life to be worth living. Education and employment should not make them superior. Also, a man should be an uxorious husband. I mean good understanding and adjustment between a husband and wife with utmost love, patience and tolerance in their life. Remember, the husband is a guardian and security guard to his wife, not vice verse.

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    Very nice and thought-provoking post by the author. I appreciate that this subject is brought up for discussions.

    Traditionally, historically and culturally the male dominance and chauvinism was always a matter of concern in the matters related to gender bias and women empowerment.

    Though time is also changing in this respect and things are improving but the basic male instinct which is an animal instinct hidden behind the graceful image and gentlemen clothes still exists if not in all the men, in some of them. I may be wrong in my judgement but I sternly believe in that aspect.

    This hidden attribute is what forces a man, a male, to behave in those ways of staring, offending and exploiting the weaker sex.

    Some of these males consider the women as material and are only interested in the weaker sex for service and work in the household. They practically treat them as servants. There is no question of respect there.

    Some males by nature can not tolerate the progress of women. They feel let down by that.

    One interesting thing is that even in the developed and advanced countries, believe me, there are men who behave like animals so what to talk about the third world countries.

    If we remember, in earlier times kings had many queens. Why? Logically one person should have only one wife.

    What I want to emphasize is that though some men have good moral values but some are still in the same frame of mind which existed centuries ago and these are the people who are creating embarrassment for the girls and women roaming outside in open.

    This is an unfortunate fact but it is there and our women folks are suffering because of this.

    I have no intention of putting up the fearful intentions of men towards women and unnecessary earn their wrath against me but the truth can not be hidden and it speaks by itself.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Sorry for the late reply, its festival season so got busy in family gathering.

    I find no logic that to compare a school with temple and the dress coding. In a scholl where immature mind need to understand so many things the basic learning start there. Wherein a temple, apart from kids only mature people visit who have all the experience of life. Where to look, what to think and controlling in sense organs, it totally depend on an individual man. If one go with mind set that he need to meditate in temple, there shouldn't be another thoughts running in his mind. If one is focus in his mind as what he is going to do in temple, nothing can stop him.

    As far as the dress is concerned, if men's dirty thought continue, even woman in sari and full covered are not safe in society.

    I am sorry to be so straight. I just posted this to know the men thinking in this site, but it seems India study channel is no different place from other part of India. The most sad part is even educated people talk about peace and good atmosphere when their own mind is not clean.

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    I will like to reiterate that problem is not in the dressing or using cosmetics or looking beautiful. The problem is in the minds of some of the people that they are not able to suppress and control their animal instincts.

    So, it is the prime duty of parents and the society at large to make their offsprings to understand this crucial thing as how to respect and treat the women.

    At the same time if some of the males abuse women in different ways the women will get a hatred built in them for all the men in this world which is not a healthy sign for the society. Just giving a death penalty for rape will not help as what is required is a change in mindset.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I feel sorry about your opinion that such thoughts are still alive where a men think of woman as a 'subject' and nothing else. How proudly you are talking all this is also shocking!

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    [Deleted by the author himself] Withdrawing from the discussion .
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