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    Deaths due to heart attacks is on the increase in India

    The studies reveal that the deaths due to heart related ailments is alarmingly increasing year after year. The study also states that the percentage of deaths due to cardiac arrest is more in urban areas when compared to rural areas. If the same trend continues India will surpass all Countries in deaths due to heart attacks. The main reason cited is lack of physical activities, Stress, Food habits and pollution.

    Children have become so delicate and lack natural resistance. The main reason for this is food habits. The children are more habituated in consuming junk foods. Parents should discourage children from these junk foods.

    it is also a fact that for minor health related problems we run to doctors and doctors generously prescribe antibiotics. These medicines have side affects and cause serious health problems later.. Therefore we should be very careful in administering medicines to kids. As far as possible we should avoid allopathic medicine. Instead we should try Ayurvedic and Homeopathy which has no side affects.

    Performing Yoga and Pranayam daily reduces risks of Heart attack and also helps in maintaining ones health.
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    These days Indian Urban life is very stressful and painful. Everybody wants to have the best available in the market. They go for all types of loans to have all the comforts. So the demand for money is increasing. Hence the couples have to be on run always. In this process, the individuals are getting very much stressed and they are under pressure. This is the real reason for these heart attacks and deaths. In villages, the people are not under that much stress and we find many people with limited wishes and requirements. So they are more healthy. There the heart attacks are less.
    Another issue is the environment. In villages, the pollution is less when compared to urban areas. Hence people in villages are healthy.
    Good physical exercise liking walking, Pranayama and Yoga may help to some extent. But when we are not controlling our wishes to a limit and we are not taking enough rest we will be always at risk.

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