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    Do any of you use the Amazon Fire Stick - personal reviews requested

    My aunt would like to purchase the Amazon Fire Stick to watch online sports programs, TV shows, movies, etc. I would like to know from members if any of you have it and have used it or know anyone who has. My aunt wishes to purchase it in lieu of subscribing to TV channels from the local service provider of TV channels as she is fed up of the constant breakdowns in the service and not being able to watch films or shows. My uncle is also eager, as he is a huge cricket fan and does not want to miss out on the upcoming IPL and the World Cup! They have a Panasonic large-screen TV to which they can attach the Fire Stick via the USB slot at the back.

    So is the Amazon Fire Stick worth buying and is it long lasting or gives technical trouble every now and then? Please respond to this thread and advise, if you are having personal knowledge about the product and its usefulness, not general information that I can get online.
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    We have the Amazon Fire Stick. We use it for seeing new movies on TV, But as far as my knowledge goes we can't see live programmes using amazon fire stick. You can see youtube programmes, old and new movies, the TV programmes which are uploaded in youtube channel as videos can be watched. Even the games and sports event which were recorded uploaded in youtube can be seen here using firestick. We subscribe to TATA SKY separately to watch live matches and other games and sports channels live. The quality is very good and the display will be good. The clarity and the voice will more depend on the TV on which you are seeing the stuff using the Amazon Firestick.
    But I am not very sure about the point regarding watching online IPL matches using an Amazon fir stick. I am of the opinion that he can see only recoded matches which are available on Amazon fire stick after the match is completed. If the recorded games are not there in youtube you may not be able to watch them.

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    Dr Rao,
    Thanks for the quick input. Doesn't HotStar or some other such online site stream the matches live to watch? Do we need to subscribe to HotStar, Netflix, etc separately? Or are these already there once the gadget is attached? Does the gadget require charging?

    Also, could you tell me please how long you've been using the Amazon Fire Stick?

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    Yes. You can see the sports through Hotstar, hike or some other such apps, just like we watch on our mobile. But we have to pay a subscription to them as per their charges. Amazon stick will provide connection like wifi but we have to subscribe to pay apps like Hot Star. Netflix, Hike etc separately to them. They are not free and we can't see them without paying them separately.
    We have been using the Amazon fire stick from last one year almost. The gadget will not require any separate charging. It will be connected to the USB port on the TV. Remote requires, as usual, a battery which is to be changed as and when required.

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    A further query - from what I could understand, an HDMI cable will be required to be bought separately?
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