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    Dear Mr. Modi, there is no TINA now!!

    Yes. The great Prime Minister, who has lead the country to the path of jobless growth, acts more like the President of India and assumes that his personality will see the BJP through in the forthcoming elections, will face a very tough test.

    Even the most optimistic and pro-BJP supporters will agree that the regular jobs, where you have PF, HRA., Bonus and even LTA, are a thing of the past. Even the IT industry is getting used to contractual jobs. Mr. Modi, the great reformer, has shown them the NEEM way. Train a guy, extract whatever you want or can from him, and throw him out.

    Absolutely ridiculous. Very harsh on the common man. No loans. No personal loans. No housing loans. No new credit cards or debit cards. Every banker has come to the streets for obvious reasons. One cannot go on lending to the service sector. You need safe loans. But where the takers? The BJP has effectively sealed the regular employees. Everything is on contract.

    Mr. Modi, there is no There is no alternative song now. Congress will positively eat into your vote bank. Demonetization, the single most disastrous experiment of Independent India, will simply be told over and over again. Am sure there are so many members who will disagree with me. I only pray God that the BJP goes. Let someone from the Opposition rule the country.
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    What I feel is this. Initially, when you eat Amla (Gooseberry) it will be sour, but when you drink water, will feel the sweet in it. Have you experienced this? Likewise, Modi's first term is like eating Amla, and his second term would be like drinking water and feeling the sweetness.

    No government of the past, present or future will be able to sort out the problem of unemployment in our country. If we Indians are interested in augmenting our family members number, the country is not responsible to provide government job for each and every individual taking birth in our country. They might make false election promises but never to fulfill it.

    No life without Sun

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    The tough decision will lead to happiness in life. If a child is not concentrating on his studies father will be tough on him. It is for the betterment of the son only. But always father is a father only. He is a wellwisher of the son only.
    I feel this statement will stand true in this case also. One eye is better than no eye.
    A job without PF and other benefits with some salary is better than no job. Since independence, the good governance was by Congress only for majority period and why they failed in creating jobs for the youth all these years. Why we should say only about the last 5 years only. I know the struggle and mental agony I underwent after completing my PhD to secure a government Job and which I couldn't get in my life so far.
    So as mentioned by SUN no government can ensure jobs to all the people in the country. But we have to see that we will get settled somewhere with the available opportunities and become self-sufficient.
    I will be very pleased to see Congress in power if anyone can give a guarantee that all the youths will be provided jobs with all facilities like PF and other benefits.

    always confident

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    We are so used to enjoy the freebies and subsidies given by the Government. Whereas when it comes to paying Taxes we find ways and means to avoid paying it. The Governments which ruled our Country concentrated on how appease the voters instead of larger interest of the Country. The damage caused during the last so many years cannot be undone in few years. I am sure the policies initiated by Modi Government will fetch results in long term. We , citizens should not look for short term benefits.
    "If you don’t understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    During the present regime there are many changes brought through online and digital governance. The good governance is sometimes creating some problem for a group of people who were using their power earlier to make money in any way.

    It is not that those people are not present now in the current regime. They are there but are keeping a low profile and waiting for the change.

    The Govt jobs are a thing of past now. People have to try their luck in the private organisations. The jobs in the private organisations will only come up when a large number of development projects are undertaken.

    So, if the opposition shakes hand with the ruling party to go ahead for developmental work then only jobs will be generated.

    It is not a question of BJP or Congress what we require is an honest regime in centre and a hope that all of us cooperate with it.

    Knowledge is power.

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