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    Will Automation and Robotics cause unemployment problems?

    Automation and Robotics will rule the future of manufacturing activity. Robots are being used in many Companies in the manufacturing process. Companies find many advantages in deploying the Robots to manage the automated process instead of employing manpower. In my opinion if this trend continues it will have far reaching implications and result in unemployment problems.
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    I have another thought on this. The jobs may not reduce but the field may change. Earlier manpower is working in manufacturing. Now Robots will replace them. But who will make the Robots? We require manpower for designing the Robots for carrying out the work and we require people to test whether these Robots are working as we designed or not. Then we have to produce these Robots in the required numbers. For all these works we require manpower. Then installing the Robots in the system where you want to use them. Then we require manpower to monitor them. We require manpower to maintain them. Like this whatever automation you do, at many stages we may require the human interface to see that work will be carried out in the desired way. So I don't feel that the jobs will come down.
    About 30 years back when the computer applications were picking up everybody thought that the manpower requirement will come down. But what actually happened is jobs in computer applications increased to many folds. In this case, the same thing will happen.

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    Yes its true Automation and Robotics will increase unemployment in the world because using automation and Robots work will be faster and cheap rates. Day by day things will be digitized and work will be automated but do not worry that time will come after 60 to 100 years .

    After 100 years 40% things will be automated in the world due to faster development so manual work will be very less.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Definitely not. I would say that Robotics and automation will increases jobs. The only problem which is there currently is employees need to reskill themselves to adapt to these job conditions. As the global population is increasing which ultimately leads to more industry work and requires work to be automated. So, during these times there will be more people required. Moreover, automation will not stop at a particular point. There will be continuous improvement required in which case if there is a significant improvement then all other companies will try to adapt it globally. For example, the cloud services is a hot improvement today which many companies are trying to adapt.

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    I think it may generate new jobs but at the same time earlier jobs will not be there and in totality there will be a decrease in total number of people employed.

    This can be taken care by the private sector if they create more jobs with less remuneration so that people get an opportunity.

    Recently one megastore is opened in our area and I found that they have employed many sales person who come there on morning and evening shifts and as per my observation they have employed more number of people then required. This takes care when some are on leave or some big consignments come there and they have to arrange the things quickly.

    They are giving only Rs 6000 to 8000 per month depending upon their level and seniority and additional supervisory work.

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    What do we want then? Rather than looking at the problem side why its not possible for us to look at the brighter side instead? Why it's not possible for us to favor the population control mechanisms which is good enough to keep the vigilance over all the related problems.

    The technological advancements are the need of the hour & its not practical to go back with the traditional instruments & satisfy ourselves.

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    Technological advancement and robotics is not the only cause of unemployment. There are varied reasons for that.

    The first and foremost reason is that we are producing more number of engineering graduates, post graduates, diploma and certificate holders and in general the educated persons.

    Where are the jobs? Even if they are there, it can not handle that large influx of qualified people searching for jobs.

    The other reason is that the Govt projects are not moving with that magnitude as envisaged earlier. So the existing manpower is sufficient to handle that and no additional hiring is done.

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    In order to have better return on investments, the Company's look for improved and qualitative outputs. Humans are tend to make errors. Whereas machines and robots are free from faults. In addition Company's are finding it difficult to get suitable Manpower. Further the Manpower so recruited come up with many human related problems.
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