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    What would you do in such a situation?

    You are on your scooter to reach a new unknown destination.
    You are to cross a jungle area.
    You reached the jungle area at midnight 0100 hrs and you are held up in a junction where five kachcha roads meet.
    There is no movement of personnel or vehicle.
    No one is there to contact to guide you.
    There is no signboard to indicate direction and places.
    You do not have a mobile.
    You do not have a torch.
    It was a new moon day.

    You are totally confused about the direction to go. It is very essential to reach your destination before sunrise. What would you do?
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    As I know that I am not carrying my mobile with me and also on the way we may not get people to guide us regarding the correct route, I will try to understand the whole route before I start for my journey. I will ask the people who are familiar with that route and note down the important directions to reach safely my destination. The paper on which I have written all these details will be carried with me. If I reach a position where there are multiple roads and I have no clue for the further journey, I will take out the paper what I am carrying and try to understand the route and then I will proceed. If that paper is also not available I will try to go back a little distance where I can find some people and ask them about the route and I will follow their instructions.
    But it is not safe to travel in such places in the nights alone. So I will plan my trip in such a way that I will reach my destination before sunset so that there will not be any risk.

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