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    KCR wants his party to become National Party

    K. Chandra Sekhara Rao, the Telangana Chief Minister wants to elevate his party as National Party and wanted to contest from all the States for Parliament. He Says BJP and Congress are not National Parties. They are having their presence in only some states of India. In his opinion, both the parties are unfit for ruling the country. So if the Telangana people vote for their MPs from all the constituencies of this State, he says he will become the leader in the centre. If it happens, he will promote his party Telangana Rastra Samithi (TRS) all over India. He says as on date his governance is the best governance and the whole country is implementing the Telangana policies.
    With 16 MPs with him how he can rule the country, I fail to understand.
    I like to know the views of all the members on this issue.
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    I appreciate the ambitions of the leader and wish that he should be successful in his endeavour. This is a big thought and shows that he wants to work at the national level. If you remain at state level then you can not have a political ambition at national platform.

    He may have to slightly change the name of the party to delink it with the name of one state and definitely if people find that he is having capability and capacity to work at the national level, they will cooperate with him.

    That will also pave a way for him to become a leader at higher level who is not only bothered for the progress of his state but the whole country and when this message is clearly received by the public they will look up to him with those expectations.

    Most of our national leaders have evolved from the state level politics only. Those who take greater risks in life are sometimes rewarded also.

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    I appreciate KCR's good thought to become a National Leader by taking his TSR spread over India. Everyone has the right to think, plan and achieve their goals. There is no end to desires. KCR is not an exemption to that.

    But before stepping into national politics, KCR should change his TRS into a common national identity. Having Telangana in the party's name won't help to achieve the desired result.

    First, let him win his sweet 16 members in the forthcoming election to parliament. If at all he wins, he will have to back either BJP or Congress to form the government. With 16, he cannot dream to become a national leader, but can be a Minister through horse trading or he can talk business then.

    He has another good five years to plan and execute. Let us wish him all the best.

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    Can you explain in how many states KCR have his party? And fighting in many states may not be called as National Party.

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    I think it will be a difficult proposition for a state level party to get it identified as a national party until it does some structural changes in it.

    Any person can make a party and acclaim that it is a national party but until unless it gets acceptance of larger masses it may not be successful in that endeavour.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Mr KCR closes his eyes and thinks that the whole world is dark. Even the charismatic Hero like Chief Ministers of the past MGR(TN), NTR (AP) JJ(TN) could not think of becoming National leaders. No one knows who is KCR except the people from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. To be in the good books of the citizens of India, and to win the Indian hearts, he needs to perform an extraordinary role outside Telangana. Maybe of Abhinandan.
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    Every regional party is venturing in to National politics. Though they know that their presence is limited to their respective States, by gaining few seats they could bargain better for the State by making their MP's as Ministers. The problem here is every regional parties are interested in development of their State and hold on to the power. The danger of regional parties to coming to power in the National politics is that they may compromise on the issues of National interest.
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