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    Comedy posts are in Competition on social sites?

    Comedy posts are in Competition on social sites? Nowadays I am able to see lot of videos on jokes, comedy, entertainment etc and these types of contents getting good views and search Rank on google also. What do you think this is the time for fun and entertainment only.
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    This shows how much free time our people have. Everybody will say they are busy. But many people will be using a good time for these activities. Going to the office, start working and in between visiting these social sites is the attitude of the people these days. Passing time and when the time is getting closed, we will start running these days.
    Instead of wasting time on those social sites, I feel it is better to spend some time on sites like ISC which will be educative and productive. But how many people think like this. It is true that we should have some fun and easy time but it should be restricted to some part of the time only and it should not become the major time spender.

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    Comedy is one of the ways to steam out our inner feelings towards the bad governance and other issues in political and social circles. It is a graceful way to tell what we do not tell generally so openly to avoid the wrath of the people in power. It is one of the strong mediums in the media that not only entertains the people but jokingly brings out the deficiencies in our systems.

    Unfortunately, lately there is a flood of these things in the media and people are wasting a lot of time in that. Comedy once in a while is good and entertaining but such a heavy dose is not going to do any good to us.

    Comedy was always used during the long programs and monotonous shows to bring some life and amusement to motivate the audience to remain seated and to that extent it was very successful. There are many such instances in the medieval history when the kings especially asked for the standing comedians to come and entertain them.

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    Earning money is also being easy for comedy videos if videos become viral then they able to earn good money and other hard worker who is working for educational videos are struggling .
    Due to lot of mobiles apps making jokes video become so easy its just reading jokes with different expressions.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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