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    If anyone want help of money which you don't know about person?

    If anyone want help of money which you don't know about person? What do you think we need to give him money or need to avoid fully.
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    It will all depend on the situation. One day I was standing in a bus stand. A person approached me. He was appearing very decent. He was travelling from a village to a city. In between, he had to change a bus in a town. He travelled from the village to the town. He is waiting in the town bus stand waiting for the bus that goes to the city. Meanwhile, somebody snatched his purse. So he was with no money. He promised me that he will send back the money as soon as he reaches the city. Somehow I developed a soft corner for him and given him Rs25/-. This incident took place in 1990. He has taken my postal address.
    After 6 days I received a Money Order from him for Rs.25/-. Always there will be people who are very sincere and there will be people who will deceive others. We have to see the other person and based on the impression we get we should act at that moment. There will not be any set of guidelines for this kind of issues.

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    It depends on the situation and genuineness of the person asking monetary help. It is very difficult to find out whether he is genuine or cheating us. Still, some people are kind enough to help.

    There are many people in society who will do anything for money and will go for fraudulent and cheating practices. We should be able to differentiate them from the general lot.

    They will come to us and ask money on one pretext or another and will never return it.

    Due to all these nowadays, people do not have faith on anyone and they refuse to help even a genuine person.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Once I helped a stranger who wanted only Rs 5/-. He returned it promptly through Money order.

    Once I helped my close relative who wanted Rs.1000/-. He never returned it.

    It is not bad to help an unknown person. But ensure that the amount is not much, and should be bearable if not returned.

    So, we need to know the people before giving money. Even a relative might turn enemy due to money.

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    Its very difficult to predict who is honest and who is not. Some times being helping hand become very dangerous . So its better if we are alone and you can help if you are with your friends and can discuss each other before giving money.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    We may come across varied people in the lives and they would mingle with you in no time and with their style of narration, you will be infatuated. With the progress of time, they would pose to be your close friend. In case, such persons are in need of any monetary help, you cannot deny the same because of closeness. The money once being lent to them is hard to be recovered if the loan was a heavy amount.
    However, you have to differentiate the circumstances when to come foreword with some financial help or the same is to be denied firmly. A man lying unconscious on the road and his entire body is seen to be covered with the blood because of severe accident, you may be moved with pity and may rush to hospital for his medical - aid. You won't mind to shell out money running in thousands for his quick recovery. The money may not be recoverable but the pleasure derived in such an act would be highly satisfying. So many of us money does not come first, it is the situation with which we are guided and if required we never hesitate in tendering monetary help if the situation demands.

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    You described well Shankar ji. We need to give money only if situation is very urgent and its accidental like you said in your example. This is also true doing help is easy but recovery is very difficult even he is close friends. We most of people having same situation and getting difficulty on money recovery. If you help and forget money then its ok .
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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