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    Relief from pressure helps to understand the weight of the load

    "Sometimes we don't feel the weight of something you've been carrying until you feel the relief when it's released." The given quotation is apt. The literal meaning of the quote is that when a person unloads the weight and feels relaxed then only can understand how much weight one was carrying. The saying is quite thought-provoking even in context to the real world.

    It is the story of every family, when the children grow up and start sharing the responsibilities of their parents, be it financial or domestic, the parents feel the ease of the burden on their shoulder. I have stated one real-life example to express the inner meaning of the given saying, but there are numerous real examples which substantiate the quote.

    It will be great if the members share different examples or experiences to prove how right the quotation is!
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    An interesting post to start an interesting discussion. Our life is a long journey and we have to carry different type of responsibilities throughout the life. It only differs from people to people as how much load they are able to take willingly or unwillingly as per the circumstances.

    Some people are sincere and have concern for the family and prosperity and they take bigger responsibilities while others try to escape from it and want to somehow pass their time.

    Whenever there is a release of burden, it gives a pleasant feeling and the stress level goes to the minimal level but life is very strange and mysterious and as soon as we part away with some big responsibility sometimes another one comes in our life so quickly and silently that we do not have time to understand from where it has cropped up.

    Anyway, life is a journey where sustained efforts are required to mitigate these conditions effectively and judiciously.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A student who is getting prepared for an entrance test will be having his concentration on his preparation only. He will be thinking more about getting his doubts clarified and referring books and discussing with teachers and other students. His complete concentration will be on that only. Once he finishes his examination and sit back leisurely or thinking of going to a place for vacation, then only he will understand how much pressure he was carrying with him on his head. But immediately after some time, he will get occupied with another work which will make him busy and hence will not think about the pressure he is having or how much stress he was having.
    Like this, there will be many examples. A housewife, who gets up early in the morning to get all his domestic works completed, will be busy till all the people who have to go out will go with their lunch boxes. Once she gets a little relief she will sit back and take her coffee. At that moment she will understand how much pressure she was carrying till that moment.

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    Absolutely this is true. Once the pressure is relieved one feels very relaxed. Consider an example of a student who prepares for an exam and a day before the exam the pressure is at extreme and once the exam is over the student gets relaxed.

    Similarly when I had to give an important presentation in the office. It took lots of time to prepare it and my boss told me many corrections in the same. Everything was alright but still, I was nervous and had lots of pressure till I gave it. I presented it well and I was relaxed. I felt like I had a lot of loads in my mind which was removed after delivering the presentation. It is very obvious and happens to everyone. Still, we should try not to stress our mind much as it may have ill effects on our mind and maybe the reason for bad health. Meditation is one of the ways to release stress and we should regularly do it.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Life is filled with responsibilities. We have to carry different responsibilities in our daily life. We face hardships while performing our duty. Under the immense pressure we only crave for the freedom from such pressure. But sometimes when a person gets breather from heavy work pressure or responsibilities new problem emerge only to trap us again into the unending phase of work load.
    However, a human has been made with difficulty but has been given the capability to bear the burden of work load and responsibilities, and overcome all the difficulties in life. We should never run away from responsibilities, we should brave every difficulty with bravery and rationality. And rest leave thing to almighty.

    Author has chosen a great thread for discussion on ISC. I really appreciate this. I think every person faces such situations in life. But we should always be ready to deal with problems in life judiciously by applying our better senses and rationality.

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    When we take up some responsibility and a project to complete in time then it is natural that we feel pressurised and sometimes it may create some stress also.

    Once the objectives are met we feel relieved and happy. So, it is clear that once the load is removed we feel good about it. But then there will be new things to be taken care. So, again we will be under pressure. Hence, it is a continuous thing in our life.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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