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    How Paytm earn money by users transactions?

    How Paytm earn money by users transactions? Lot of users using paytm app to pay money for bills , daily usage, recharge , gas bill etc they get cash back also. So how paytm earning money from our transactions.

    Paytm make our life easy due to good speed, user friendly and cash back , gift coupon and voucher facility.
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    Paytm is generating revenue through its different activities. Paytm never charge their users directly.
    Paytm collects the major share of its profits through mobile revenue model where it earns through e-wallet services.
    Paytm permits advertisers to list their advertisements on Paytm websites. Paytm charge them lump sum or annual subscription for placing their advertisements on the Paytm website.
    Paytm also gets income through the interest on advance payment for customers.
    Paytm also earns through commission charged from sellers.
    Paytm revenue initially generated from mobile recharge services. They charge nil from their users. They earn commission from network operators. The major Paytm income source is its e-wallet services along with the considerable share from e-commerce.

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    Well describe Mr. Rao. You cleared my all doubt in one post. Good work , Keep it up. I think they are also earning from Gold sales and purchase transaction.
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    They are mainly earning from the commissions received from the partner companies whose items are sold through Paytm transactions. Another thing is the volume of the transactions. In case of Paytm it is very high as it has become common even in the small towns and places.

    When volumes are high, they will earn with less commission also.

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