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    How elected representatives change Parties immediately after elections?

    In the recent Telangana elections, TRS party under the leadership of KCR won 88 MLA seats and acquired absolute majority and formed the government. KCR became the CM but he took almost a month to decide on minister posts. In between TRS tried some MLAs from another party MLA's to jump into their party. They even offered them Minister posts. Almost 12 MLAs from other parties resigned to the parties to whom they belong and joined TRS to get benefitted by becoming a minister or some sort of benefit.
    Now the point is how MLAs can resign from the elected party and join another party. Is it not ditching the electorate. Many of the voters might have voted by seeing his party. This type of horse trading is not advisable.
    What is the say of other members on this issue?
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    Present day politics has become business for the politicians. People are not ideologically followers of any party. Majority politicians look for their personal gains. The party has become like a company where you hire and fire. Employee resigns or sacked from Company joins another. Similarly politicians switch parties during every elections. Therefore changing a party is not all a problem for the politicians.
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    Mr.Chandrasekhara Rao got landslide victory in Assembly elections. By joining opposition party members in his party he wants to see that no one opposes his rule in the Assembly. Really it is a sad day to democracy. He is really insulting people's verdict. Nothing he gains because of this except he becomes infamous.

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    Indian politicians are no longer politicians. They are businessmen using the voters to make their money. Though with an absolute majority, KCR was not happy. He wanted more strength, and he got it through horse trading. This is not a good leader's deed. What if TRS elected reps jump to another party! What will be the fate of KCR of TRS? I think KCR is a greedy and power thirsty leader to possess more MLAs under him.
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