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    When we do work in hurry then we loose quality work?

    When we do work in hurry then we loose quality work? Is it true or we can maintain quality work on faster way also. Like if I post some content then I do it very fast but I do lot of mistake in English writing but when I do it slowly then less mistake.

    How to retain quality work in all situation ?
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    Actually it depends on the practice and regular practice. Expert content writer may have target of daily from 2000 words to 5000 words per day. So, you can understand writing that kind of content requires lot of expertise and dedication.

    Practice makes man perfect.

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    It is true always. Even an expert may do mistakes when he is in a hurry and wants to complete the work fast. When we type on our system we may do mistakes as we are not professional typewriters. We have to see the letter on the system and type. Some times in a hurry we will not do that. So mistakes will be there in the matter.
    Not only in writing but also in any type of work a proper focus on the work is very much important and we should give the required time for the task to be completed properly.
    Some people try many works at one time and they can't focus on one work at a time. This will also lead to many mistakes. At the same time delaying the works taking quality as a rescue is also not correct. We should complete the work within a reasonable time without wasting much time on the job.

    always confident

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    If we want to make a good product or create a nice composition then there are three ingredients required for it. They are knowledge, patience and writing skills.

    Subject knowledge is essential because without the content there is no meaning in any creative activity.

    Patience is also very very important because if we do it in a hurry then product will be messy and full of mistakes and we will waste a lot of time in correcting them or editors will tell us about that soon.

    Creative writing is an art and requires a bit of control on the language in which one is writing. One of my friends is very good in Hindi article and story writing but when it comes to writing in English he fails miserably.

    Doing things in a hurry will affect the quality of the product much and the whole purpose of those efforts will be lost.

    If one is really interested in quality then one has to spent time on achieving it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It depends on many factors. Though we can say,in general way, doing something in hurry can decrease quality and can be prone to errors also.
    But when someone has acquired the efficiency and expertise by constant repetition and practice, most routine and stereotype tasks are not affected. On the contrary there are certain routine tasks which need speed and accuracy at the same time. Just take the example of Air Traffic Control. It needs sped, accuracy and extreme alertness and fast response. Such work need concentration and alertness. Mostly people for such jobs are selected by many falterings selection and evaluating their concentration, speed and accuracy.

    In my own experience, I had experienced that I commit errors when the pace of work is slow and there is not multitasking. Actually the opposite holds for me.I am efficient when I have multi tasks at hand and do things fast.
    Even in the case of posting for ISC,I have always experienced that my posts are good and winning prizes when I post them impromptu and fast. If I defer then mostly I end up not doing that. I always like to be busy with more than one task at hand. I feel more capable and efficient in such situations.

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