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    Why we need medium of Education in the mother tongue

    In most of the countries, the medium of instruction in education starting from elementary education is in their respective mother tongue. Whereas in India we have more craze towards English medium. It is always easy for children to understand the concepts if the same is taught in their mother tongue. When the medium of instruction is in a different language i.e other than their mother tongue, children find it difficult.

    Is it prudent to change the medium of instruction at least up to the seventh standard, in the mother tongue of the children? Will it help the children?
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    Learning anything through the medium which we handle regularly, including our day to day conversations, will easily be stamped in our mind. Where as if it is introduced through another medium, it will be somewhat difficult. First the matter is introduced through a language which is not the mother tongue. For understanding what is introduced in a different tongue, it takes time for assimilation, since this process can be done only through the mother tongue, first we translate the matter into the mother tongue and then assimilate.
    If the teaching is through the mother tongue directly it gets assimilated. Even the characters and names of places or individuals will easily be remembered if selected from the local background. Mother tongue helps that also. So until reaching higher standards it will be better to learn through the mother tongue, that is what I think.


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    I feel teaching in mother tongue may make things easy to the children. So till they complete their 7th class the subjects can be taught in mother tongue and English can be taught as one of the languages. From 8th class onwards we should start introducing English medium for science subjects. Here the choice can be given to the student whether he wanted English medium or Mother Language Medium. The same can be continued up to +2 level. But from degree onwards, it should be English Medium only for science subjects as it is very difficult to get correct words for some technical words from English to other Languages. Some specialists may translate. But students will find it very difficult to get the reference books and a lot of confusion will be there in understanding
    what we study in English and in our mother tongue.
    The medium of Instruction can be the mother tongue at lower classes but higher studies are not good in mother tongue medium for science subjects. I know many people who studied graduation in Mother Tongue and they faced many problems when they were doing their PG.

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    The students will always be comfortable with the medium of language as their mother tongue, there is no doubt about it.

    As regards English it has emerged as a global language of communication and at the present juncture it can not be said as an imposing language by any one on us. So learning English has global compulsions rather taking it as the reminiscent of British regime.

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    Mother tongue is the one language in which one will feel easy and comfortable whether it is schooling or working in an office. In many states both the types of schools exist, state language as well as English language. There is the option with the student to choose one depending upon the affordability and other factors.

    In our country we have so many languages and scripts and it is not possible for a student to learn the language of the state at a later stage so they generally prefer to go to English medium schools so that if the parents are transferred from one state to other there is no problem.

    In European countries the situation is more and less same where there are so many languages in Europe but the difference is that the students there are encouraged to learn more languages and most of them are conversant in 3 languages.

    Unfortunately, in our country we could not focus on this aspect as the easier path of taking English as a medium language was available.

    Some scholars and eminent people in our country always had an opinion in this regard that students should be encouraged to learn an additional language from the available Indian languages and if they do it since early childhood it is not a difficult thing.

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