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    KCR says BJP's Hinduism is political Hinduism and his Hinduism is spiritual Hinduism?

    Mr.KCR in his political meeting attacked BJP and Mr.Modi saying their Hinduism is political Hinduism and is not real. I am true Hindu and we follow spiritual Hinduism and it is real. For votes sake only BJP dividing religions and we as true followers of Hinduism bring people of various religions together. Do you also believe it so?
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    Spiritual Hinduism is worst and dangerous than any other Hinduism. We have practically seen how the spiritual Hindu leaders/teachers/preachers are behaving in our country. Some are counting the bars, and some are yet to count the bars. Wearing Vibhuthi, Kumum and Chandan horizontally or vertically, and chanting some illegible mantra is not real Hinduism. The real Hinduism should be shown by our good deeds and performance that doesn't hurt others in any way.
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    KCR is the first person who is using religion for politics. The very reason for asking separate early elections to the state assembly is religion politics only. He wanted to have a tie-up with MIM in Assembly elections and based on the outcome if necessary he wants to have a tie-up with BJP in MP elections. But he was able to get majority seats in MLA elections he wanted no tie-up with BJP. That is why he is making statements like this.
    Today morning another statement of him came. He says Ram Mandir issue is not related to politics so only Priests and Swamiji should solve that problem.
    KCR is the first person who always twists his tongue the way he wanted. Today he will say something. Tomorrow morning he will tell exactlly opposite to that. He is supporting YSRCP in Andhra whose leader is the most corrupted man and who is moving outside on bail.

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    People from all over India are aware of Mr. K. Chandrasekhar Rao's appeasement politics in Telengana. I feel that he is trying to emulate the terrible example set by Ms. Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

    So, whenever Ms. Banerjee or Mr. KCR with such track record talk about Hinduism or criticizes another party for following Hinduism, she/he becomes the laughing stock of voters.

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    Politicians use everything to their advantage. It is necessary otherwise how they will rule the public. Politicians are also intelligent people as they know where to hammer and where to not.

    Hinduism is already at the conspicuous position today and if you say that your party also believes in that then it does not make any impact because the word Hinduism has already been adopted by the existing parties significantly.

    So you have to slightly put it in a different cover so that people give it the due cognizance. This is only a way of presenting the same thing in an apparently different perspective.

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    The politicians twist the things in very peculiar ways and in fact mislead the gullible public.

    This is not a healthy trend and will only malign the already shabby political arena.

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