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    Should we all not practice and follow Indianism in India?

    In India, there should be no Hinduism, Christinism, Muslimism, Jainism, Buddhism or any other isms. There should be only one single 'ism' that is Indianism(Indianism). It is the ideal Indianism which should combine all the religions of India.

    Love all, hate no one, hate no religion, be friendly should be the key to Indianism.

    What do you say?
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    There are lovely bits in every religion. Christian way of having fun, Muslim way of charity to poor, Sikh communal way, Jain simplistic way, Buddhist spiritual thoughts; all combined with our Hindu festivals. It would be a treat to watch. The problem is extremism. No Indian emperor ever invaded an empire in the name of religion. Religion is a scapegoat that people who desire conflict use. Some might site how Tipu tortured Brahmins and how other emperors used religion to discriminate. But in its core no religion asks you to invade others. Because religion is truth and there isn't just one truth. Our ancestors were very tolerant, marrying women of other countries even. Why are we so fixated on guarding something that in its core wants assimilation. Yes, Vedas indeed describe caste system. But they didn't once mention how to treat each caste. Our interpretation is faulty. We need to, with an open mind, understand and adopt different views for our best.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    A good thought provoking post by the author and I fully agree that we should be Indian first and then only our religion or culture or tradition should be given the due weight.

    We should feel proud in our country and should honor it's flag and constitution.

    Unfortunately, some people are misled by their leaders and clergymen and start behaving as if they do not belong to this country. This is a sorry state of affairs and it is the duty of the leaders and knowledgeable citizens to make efforts to correct it.

    I always advocate for compulsory military training to all like Israel and the people living in this country must understand that they have to protect the country from external threats whether it is terrorism or expansion policy of the neighbour countries.

    Patriotism is the only religion which should be adhered to by the people.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We are all Indians. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I remember this pledge which we used to recite in the prayer in the morning prayer of our high school during my school days. I don't know whether the same is being done or not these days. India is a special country and unity in diversity is the greatest point of this country.
    Only after the country, the other religion caste will come.
    Most of the Indians irrespective of the differences they love each other. So Indianism is already existing in the people of the country. We all should appreciate the thought of the Author for his creative idea of "Indianism". If this concept is followed by all the politicians India will become the number one country in the world.
    But unfortunately, our Politicians never want all the citizens to be friendly and move together. They will bring unnecessary issues and create differences.

    always confident

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