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    ISC ME and Es should respond to members' queries relating to English

    Dear ISC
    Whenever ISC ME raises a thread relating to the use of English grammar etc, members swing into action to respond to her thread with great interest. Whereas, whenever a member raises a thread regarding English grammar, neither the ME nor the Editors post any response. They remain silent Editors.

    I feel that ISC ME and the Editors are the well-qualified authority to clear the doubts of ISC members, especially doubts on the English language. Since we all are here to develop and improve our English, it would be nice if our ME and Editors respond to our queries/doubts.

    Dear ME and Editors, Hope you will act on my humble request.
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    Yes, they are silent and I have observed that the editors are not active here from last few days maybe they are busy during the festive season. Hope so they resolve your query.

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    Yes. It is true. They should help us and clear our doubts so that we will understand the Engish language better. These days the Editors are not seen on the site. Probably they are on leave or some other important works. I think they will come back shortly and resolve your doubts. Anyhow some members responded based on their knowledge. But ME or LE or Editors gives clarification you will feel more authenticated.
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    Sanjeev Gupta and Dr. Rao,
    It is not true that Editors are busy or away etc. Editors are very much present at ISC. Because the threads and thread responses are properly edited and promptly sent to the delete section.

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    As per my perception, the main job of the editors is to edit, reject or approve the work submitted by the members.

    They have also an option of responding to certain threads if they wish so. But it is not mandatory for them to do so. It is their prerogative to do so or not to do so.

    We can only request them for certain clarifications or lodge complaints which they have to respond as a part of their job.

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    Neeru Bhatt,
    Members feel that editors are highly qualified to edit our English. Hence, they should be able to clear the doubts and queries raised by the members, and be an authority.

    Two of my threads are awaiting responses from responsible editors.

    No life without Sun

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