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    Do you remember any incident which is funny on Holi festival?

    Do you remember any incident which is funny on Holi festival? Mostly people enjoy with color and dance but sometimes funny incident happen with friend and family? Please also share how Holi celebrated in your area or village?
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    This pertains to about 44 years back when I was teaching Physics in a college. As I was a bachelor I was given a room in the staff quarters where two teachers were already living in the adjoining room.

    The married teachers were provided full-fledged quarters in the teacher's colony.

    It was Holi time and some of our colleagues wanted to create some fun and they devised some scheme but we three were not knowing that.

    In the evening they took us to the market and offered us some Pani Puri and Chat items along with the spicy Jeera water.

    We took everything in good faith not knowing the complications arising soon.

    By the time we came back to our rooms, we started behaving in strange ways and came to know later that they had mixed bhang ( ) in our Jeera water.

    We were back to normal only after 8-10 hours and that also after vomiting and falling on the floor here and there. It was a very disgusting and humiliating experience and I remember it as it has happened yesterday only.

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    I never forget two incidents that are happened on the Holi festival day. One is a funny issue but later on, it has become a serious issue. Another one is a very serious issue.
    All our colleagues were celebrating Holi very happily and cheerfully. Generally, I rarely participate in these celebrations. I think in 2005 on Holi festival day, all my factory officers were celebrating the festival. One person never took any alcohol. On that day all others without telling him offered bhang as a normal cool drink. He took it. He behaved in a funny way the whole day. But he fell sick the next day and he was hospitalised and it took almost 45 days for him to recover. Doctors diagnosed the problem related to Bhang only. They told that the liquid has given a reaction and caused him serious illness.
    The second incident happened in 1996. My sister who was staying in Visakhapatnam those days on the day of Holi Festival while coming back home from her friend's house met with an accident and got serious injuries and she was in the hospital for more than 20 days.
    I always remember these two incidents whenever I think of this festival of colours.

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    Yes. I remember an incident that I cannot forget in my life. It was somewhere in the eighties. I had a funny friend from Uttar Pradesh. We were in Kochi. There was an extremely good looking young smart Keralite girl working in a watch repairer shop. My friend had an evil eye on her. On the Holi festival day, she was alone in her shop. My friend said that he wanted to apply colours on that girl. I said that it won't be right to do it as the girl was a Keralite and she might not like it, and if he does it, he might face problems. The guy ignored my words and went ahead to apply colours on her cheek. The girl cried and complained to her master. Her master took up the matter with my superior officer. My superior officer took it very seriously and punished that guy. This is an unforgettable Holi event in my life.

    @ Never celebrate Holi with unknown personnel from other states, especially southern states, that too with girls (if they are unwilling).

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    That happened in 1993. That was my first Holi in Delhi. I had been staying in a Bengali Guest House in Karol Bagh locality. On Holi Day, we enjoyed with Bhang and colours. After merriment which continued till 2.30 p.m or so, we quickly took bath, had a sumptuous lunch and sat before the television to enjoy a cricket match between India and another country (most probably West Indies, exactly I don't remember). Now the Bhang started working. A senior member of the Guest House started laughing when Sachin came to bat, he fell down from the chair when Sachin was taking guard. He was almost senseless while laughing when the West Indian bowlers were coming to bowl.

    Watching him laughing meaninglessly, other members of the Guest House (including me) also started laughing. And this continued trill midnight. We could not enjoy the ODI.

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    The tradition of taking Bhang on the auspicious day of Holi is a normal practice in the Hindu - family to enhance the the joy. It is the incident of 35 years back when I was invited by one of my friends along with my wife in the evening. The gathering was of the same age - group and hence there was no restriction in the conversation and the jokes narrated by some of our colleagues caused a spell of laughter and the sequence continued for an appreciable time without any break and later I realised that the preparation of the sweets contained Bhang and this slowly started working and the intensity was at an alarming stage due to the addition of sweet. At 11 pm in night, when I was to proceed for my quarter which was hardly four km from the residence of my friend gave me a feeling that the same was an endless journey and the entire journey may take whole night. My wife was fed up with my stoppage of scooter off and on as I was making queries with the strangers regarding the ultimate destination. The greatest funny in the entire episode was my frequent laughing while making queries and my wife assisted in the process of my query.
    Still I remember that funny day and without the Bhang such pleasure could not have been attained.

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    We wanted to celebrate the Holi in our locality in a commonplace and a few of us reached there. We were waiting for the others and in the meantime a group of people passed from there and seeing us in a clean form started to put colour on us. We were slight away from house and could not resist those people as that would had only fuelled their fury further.

    After they left, our neighbours came and seeing us already drenched in colour were surprised.

    I still remember this incident when unknown people just coloured us.

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    Thanks for sharing your views. Nice to hear from funny incidents but I am seeing only some member sharing his thoughts if new members also participate then answer can be more interesting. Thanks once again to all.
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