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    Sumalatha wife of Rebel Star Ambarish decided to contest as an Independent candidate from Mandya

    Cine actress Sumalatha wife of Rebel Star Ambarish has decided to contest as an Independent candidate from Mandya. She is contesting against Janatha Dal-Secular candidate Mr. Nikhil Gowda, Grand son of former Prime Minister Deve Gowda and son of Shri. H D Kumaraswamy, present Chief Minister of Karnataka. Many sandal wood actors like Darshan, Yash, Doddanna, Rockline Venkatesh are supporting her. As per the reports BJP is also likely extend support to Mrs. Sumalatha. The entry of Sumalatha made JD-S jittery and they are trying their level best to muster support to Gowda family. Whether Gowda family will succeed in their plans, we need to wait and watch how the Mandya voters would react.
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    Mandya is a green field and the lands are very fertile. When we travel in this district we will be happy to see many fields with greenery and the whole area will be looking like green colour sprayed all over. Sugarcane is a very popular crop here. Many Telugu speaking people live in this district. Sumalatha is a very popular actor in Tollywood also. She is more famous than her husband. She acted in many Telugu movies as heroine during 1990s. So she will get good support from all the Telugu people settled in Mandya. If she is getting the support from BJP and if BJP is not contesting from this constituency chances will be very bright for her to win the elections. Her husband's popularity as a Rebel Star may help her in securing votes from many people from Mandya District.
    But as of now, we can't predict the outcome. But definitely, it will be a tough fight for Mr Nikhil Gowda, JDS has to work very hard to win over the campaigning tactics of Cinema Actors. I wish her all the best and hope she will make an entry to the next parliament.

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    Gowda family is another feudal political family which is hoodwinking the rural people of Karnataka without bothering about their welfare. Deve Gowda, his two sons and now his grandsons have become a burden for the people of the state. It is good that a known figure is opposing a member of the family and many other filmstars and political personalities are getting united to defeat a member of the dynastic family of Karnataka.
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    Nice to see a lady fighting against the Gowda family. She is sure of winning because of the mercy wave backing her due to her husband's sad demise, the support from BJP and also herself being a charmful heroine. No doubt, actress Sumalatha will be victorious putting Gowda family into shame.

    "Let you or your father or grandfather come, I don't care." must be her words against her opponent from JD(S)

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    We have sen the general tradition that when an elected member dies during the term, the spouse or close relative of the deceased person is made the candidate in the bye-election or ensuing election for the seat. It was then just natural that Sumalatha expected the party will make her the candidate for the Mandya seat.

    As Congress had given the seat to JDS, Sumalatha and supporters of Ambareesh naturally felt betrayed.

    But what is to be seen is whether she will be withdrawing by the pressure , influence and tempting offers offers by the party.
    I am doubtful whether she will win as the emotional loyalty can soon vanish when faced with ground realities and money matters of election.
    But if she is contesting, then she should seriously campaign and form some strategic understanding with other parties. Then she can win also.

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    It will interesting to watch the result of this seat being fought by Sumalatha. There are so many factors embedded in this decision that even the expert commentators may fail to predict the future for her.

    Many factors will be favouring her though a few will have adverse effect on the vote counts. Being an independent candidate she will have all options open after the victory.

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    BJP has announced the first list and in respect of Mandya they have not announced the candidate. Therefore it is most likely that BJP will support Sumalatha by not fielding a candidate.
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