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    History is created, Justice Pinaki Chandra Bose is appointed as the First Lokpal of India

    After 72 years of Independence, Country has got the first Lokpal. Justice Pinaki Chandra Bose is appointed as the First Lokpal of the Country. Justice Bose is the former Supreme Court judge will act as the anti corruption ombudsman .

    Justice Bose will be the Chief and he will have four Judicial members like Dilip Bhosale, P K Mohanty, Abhilasha Kumari retired Chief Justices and A K Tripathi sitting Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh high court. The four Non judicial members are Archana Ramasundaram, former first woman chief of Sashastra Seema Bal Dinesh Kumar Jain ex-Maharashtra chief secretary, Mahendra Singh Jain , IRS officer , I P Gautam, ex-IAS officer.

    The appointment of Lokpal was one of the main bone of contention among the political parties. Finally Modi Government has made reality.
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    A good action is taken by the Modi Government. It shows their commitment to the poll promises they have made. Another important point to note here is whoever forms the next government can't abolish. So they have to continue the Lokpal. What all opposition parties will say has to be seen. They may try to bring some point or another from it. Let us wait and see.
    This will give way for Lokpal to investigate individuals' complaints against a company or organization, especially a public authority regarding corruption. I think some fear may come in the minds of the officers and corruption practices may come down.
    I feel the present government is far better than many of the previous governments in stopping corruption. Hope this trend will continue and we will see a corruption-free society in coming years.

    always confident

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    Some political parties are stating that BJP filled the post of Lokpal at the fag end of the present term. I would like to say that these parties that they did not appoint Lokpal despite getting more than one five-year term at the centre.

    Justice PC Bose will now be remembered as the first Lokpal of the country. A new question has been added in the General Studies and competitive examination candidates have to learn his name by heart.

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    Happy that Lokpal has taken birth. We need to wait and see how he grows and performs efficiently and effectively without any room for complaints against Lokpal.
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    It is a welcome move and it will definitely give a new life to the efforts of enforcing and investigating authorities to curb the corruption in the country.

    The present Govt is trying to clear the pending issues one by one but there is significant delays in it due to the large time loss during demonetisation, GST implementation and other big projects. Otherwise this lokpal appointment would had been in place last year itself.

    Now it is coinciding with the election time so the opposition will see it with doubt.

    Opposition in any country has a habit of seeing things with doubt because that is the only bread and butter for them. I think to that extent it is acceptable.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is really good news for all of us. Lokpal was pending for quite some time.

    This will pave the way for quick identification of people involved in corrupt practices.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A good beginning at least.
    Anna Hazare was the one who spearheaded for this. Let us wait how he sees it and listen his comments on what all the defects or merits.
    We now owe a lot to Sri.T.N.Sheshan who had made election Commission effective. So with right persons Lok Pal institution will also be effective.
    Anyway it is better than nothing .Let us hope for the best.

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    We look forward to new Lokpal to take initiate actions against corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.
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