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    A person with many corruption cases pending against him wants to be the CM of a State

    YSRCongress Party's President Jagan is the son of YS Raja Sekhar Reddy, the Ex CM of combined Andhra Pradesh. Many cases are pending on him regarding corruption on money laundering. CBI has conducted an enquiry and ED has attached many of the assests he is having. But the court has given him the bail and every Friday he is going to court and signing there.

    Now the person who conducted the enquiry has joined hands with Jana Sena, the party belonging to Pavan Kalyan. So he knows the full details of the case and he may use them as a weapon to counter Jagan.

    Do you think is it correct that a person with so many corruption cases pending against him to be the CM of a State. What progress and development we can expect for the State. Why such persons can't be disqualified by the Election Commissioner.
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    In our system a person is innocent till he is found guilty and jailed. That is the lacunae and court will not give final verdict till it is proved beyond doubt.

    So these people will take advantage of the systems and procedures and moreover, they have the most reputed and expensive lawyers to their side who help them in achieving these things.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Sir, I think you do not know about Tamil Nadu. Third rate rascals, each of whom is worth more than three thousand crores in his or her name, are State Ministers. The Chief Minister himself is so pathetically involved in corruption through his own relatives.

    The highly manipulative bully called Amit Shah of BJP has virtually threatened the ruling party and there is an alliance. The BJP s record in Tamil Nadu is a big zero. It cannot win a single seat. What is going on in AP is so sad. But perhaps Jagan has taken some internship from that queen of corruption called Sasikala, now in Bangalore jail for massive corruption in collaboration with the late dictator, called Jayalalitha.

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    This is really unfortunate that some people even under inquiry are boldly applying for fighting in the election.

    It is strange that there is no regulation for such a situation and these people are taking the advantage.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    In present day politics , corruption and criminal record has become qualifications for politicians to get elected as MLA's MP's and become Ministers and Chief Ministers. It is very sad and unfortunate that people vote for such politicians. Our laws provide many loop holes for politicians which they exploit and continue in power. Honesty, integrity has lost its relevance. We used to respect honest people. But now people respect people with Money.
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