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    Let us infuse optimism through small acts

    Very recently, I had the opportunity of counseling a girl on her future career. She is at the momentvstudying law. When I suggested that she could possibly take up intellectual property rights as a career, she immediately searched the internet and consulted one of her teachers. She has now identified a higher education course in UK.

    She is not alone. We could infuse optimism in our own little ways. Small businesses offer a fairly good solution to massive unemployment. The cell phone and spare parts business is booming everywhere. The youngsters are also keen on trading. When guided properly, there is a huge amount of optimism that gets multiplied all over. Let us only that this trend continues.

    Similarly, the Chemistry courses could be redesigned to sort of cater to the exact manpower requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The mathematics syllabus should have statistics in a big way. Only by giving jobs to the educated, we can infuse optimism.

    Let us try to do it in our small ways.
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    Nice thinking put up by the author in this post.

    It is said that small drops make an ocean so even a small help from our side to the needy can bring a phenomenal change and if all of us do that the world will become a beautiful place.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We should infuse optimism to younger generations. The era of 9 to 5 jobs is gone. The trend is to become an entrepreneur than trying to work under someone. One should have confidence in himself. Then they can do miracles. There is no second thought about it.
    There are many ways to start your own business. A chemistry PG can start writing documents technically required for an intellectual property professional. The amounts they pay will be huge. Only thing is we should be able to research and explain how our patent is different from other existing patents.
    A qualified teacher can start taking classes to students for various entrance examinations. Initially, you may feel a little difficulty in getting students. But once you deliver the goods parents will start looking at you for giving classes to their children.

    always confident

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    I think as a good citizen it is our moral duty to guide the youngsters in a correct direction as far as possible. If we can use our experience to help a person for choosing a good career line then definitely it will be a noble gesture.

    Many times the youngsters get depressed and are fearful with the adversities of the real world and that is the time when motivation and encouragement becomes an important and crucial factor.

    For us it might be a small thing but for a person standing at the crossroads of the career, it is a great help.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes , I fully agree with the thought of the Author. We need to instill positive attitude among children and encourage them to do better. Of-late children do not develop the courage to face challenges. They consider a failure is end of the road and they go to the extent of committing suicide. Children should be taught that failure is stepping stone to success. Thomas Alva Edison is the best example. He did not discover bulb overnight. He failed thousand times and succeeded after such failures. Therefore children should develop such attitude and overcome the challenges.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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