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    Is woman alone responsible for all the household activities and chores?

    Many women are sincere and serious and take the household responsibilities on their head. They also take many other related jobs pertaining to household management.

    It is good to hear that but some family members take it for granted and feel that it is right that a woman is doing like that. They do not extend any helping hand to them.

    This sometimes have an adverse effect and demotivates these hard working women.

    What do you think about this? Should the family members help them to some extent to boost up their morale?
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    In olden days mostly men used to go for work and take care of the financial needs of the family and women will look after the house and children. But now the situation is changed. Both men and women take up employment. Therefore it has become necessity that both husband and wife share the house hold work at home. Lack of understanding between husband and wife on this issue is resulting in discord in relationship.
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    I have seen this at our and relative's places where a woman is often who is not earning is taken for granted in the name of responsibilities of her home. No doubt people working out deal with different situations and work hard for their living but household chores can be back-breaking but these are to be carried out with happy faces but they are showered with complains by her family members. People working out enjoy their break times and they use more of brain than body. Now we see changing thought process .Women are treated with care at home and they deserve it .Today's women are making successful career outside . Responsibility at home should be of everyone at home. Each family person should be involved in chores performed at home.

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    In developed countries things have already changed in this respect and there are indications of changes in our country as well. It also depends on one factor that is crucial and that is whether the lady is doing some job or not. Once, she is an earning member, the behaviour of family members change towards her.

    So, today in many households people are taking the fact as granted that she also needs her personal time and also needs to be supported either through the servants or the family members themselves.

    This varies from community to community also as in some of the societies they are still at a serving level rather than a partner in the family. I hope and wish that more changes in this respect are on the anvil and certainly we are heading towards a more equitable situations in these matters.

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    When the husband works and earns and wife doesn't then it's expected that the wife should take the responsibility of household chores.

    But unlike in past these days women too work in offices and financially help their husband so, in that case, a woman alone cannot be held responsible for household chores, men should also help in it as to give additional burden of the same to the woman is not justified.


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    It has become a way in many families that all household activities are the responsibility of the housewife. Even a working woman also has to take care of her domestic requirements. She has to complete all house works and then she has to go to the office and in the evening she has to take house works after coming back home. The male counterparts in the house will never help her. They will come late from the office and eat and sleep. He never tries to help his wife in the domestic works.
    I feel this is not correct. Male should help their ladies in doing the works in the house. We should see that she will get some rest and she will also have her own time to take care of herself. I have seen in some families where a lady will be working day and night. But the other ladies will just chitchat and never go to help the lady who is struggling in the kitchen. This is also very inhuman. Works in the house should also be shared by all the members instead of loading the total work on a single person.

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    A man is responsible for looking after his family and fulfill all the basic needs including helping a woman in the household chores. The woman is considered a tender soul and can't bear the burden of too much workload. It is the responsibility of a man to help her and also take care of her health.

    Reports suggest that women are subjugated to domestic violence by husbands and not to think of helping them in household work. Women are ill-treated in some families which is derogatory and painful. People should make efforts to prevent kind of violence against women. They deserve respect and honour; helping them in household activities will reinvigorate her, and love for family will increase by leaps and bounds.

    A woman is the abode of love. She can't bear the pain of any family member and tries everything to relive the person, leaves her own comfort to provide comfort to her family. So, we should not feel any problem in helping her in the household chorus. It will be so radiating and inspiring in a family that it will scatter love, happiness, and prosperity in a family.
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    If we talk about today's situation, both woman and man are responsible for household activities if they work together. Nevertheless, if man work entire day, it is bit harsh to them to expect to do household work after work and coming to home, in that case the woman in the house has to take responsibilities. It can be said the same if woman work entire the day. If both are working people, then both has to share their own responsibilities in the house hold work.

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    The ladies who are homemakers are working throughout the day. Sometimes it can be constructive and sometimes unconstructive but their rest period is very less because receiving the phone calls, attending to the doorbells, solving the problems of their children disturb the minds of the ladies a lot. In the process, a lot of time gets wasted. Rest of the members must understand that the ladies at home are giving out their whole entity to nurture the household chores so if they receive help from the rest of the family members then it soothes not only their body and mind but soul too.

    One should not compare that the lady is a working woman or a housewife. By making a comparison, people disrespect the sacrifices made by the housewives for their respective family. Being a housewife does not mean that she is inferior to the working ladies in any quality. A working lady might not be a good cook or a good caregiver, so it is useless to make a comparison between a working and a non-working woman or vice-versa.

    The attitude of the rest of the family members should be to support and help the homemaker without any distinction. It increases mutual respect, and the bond becomes stronger between every family member.


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    The earlier concept was - Men to work and earn, women to take care of family and look after the domestic works. We can say that men for external and women for home affairs. Women were the managers of the house. Men used to go for work in the morning and return in the evening. After the day-long work, they need rest.

    Presently, the situation has changed. Both men and women leave home for the job. In this situation, they both need to rest after their return. Both are managers of the house. They should understand each other and help each other in domestic works. They can employ a servant, else they can share the responsibility of cooking, washing, cleaning etc.

    @ In the past, a very sincere and loving wife would never allow her husband to enter the kitchen. She would tell him, "My dear Hubby, Kitchen is my territory. It is 'Out of Bound' for you. Please don't interfere. When I require your assistance, I shall ask you for help. Until then rest, please."

    In this modern age, a working wife would command her husband to get everything done. If not, she would seek divorce or separation. Men are to understand their wives and help her to maintain a cordial and life-long relationship.

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