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    Crusader of corruption Arvind Kejrival inclined to join hands with Congress

    Arvind Kejrival one of the front end man of Anna Hazare in the fight against corruption succeeded in coming to power in Delhi through his Aam Admi Party [AAP]. He fought tooth and nail against Congress party and made several corruption charges. Now he is inclined to join hands with congress. We considered Mr. Kejriwal as one of the well educated politicians who will help in cleansing the dirty politics in the Country. It is proved that Kejriwal also become one among the politicians who do everything to hold on to their chair.
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    There are no permanent foes or friends in Politics. Today's enemy may be tomorrow's friend. There is nothing to astonish on such issues. Their ultimate aim is to be in power and try to get maximum benefits from power. There are many examples in our country for such cases.
    NTR started TDP. His son in law was his next man in the party. But Naidu, the second in command revolted against him and became the Chief Minister. But after the death of NTR, he started showing very good respect to the deceased leader. Even today he says that NTR is their example in politics.
    NTR started party against Congress. But now the same party leader Babu is friend with Congress. This is how our political leaders behave. Aravind Kejriwal is one among such leaders who will never bother about values and ethics.

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    Politics is a game of cashing opportunities. Ideologies are made to start a party but it does not last long. The political atmosphere is like that.

    The person who understands this and able to change himself as the situation changes, is the successful politician.

    In hindi language there is a saying that - 'Kajal ki kothari mai kaiso hi sayano jaye, ek boond kajal ki lagi hai ki lagi hai'.
    It literally transforms to - Even a matured person, taking whatever care, enters a room filled with black carbon powder, some traces of carbon powder will be on his dress.

    So poltics is a game like that and even an honest person can get a bad name.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is what I used to say that corruption cannot be uprooted easily as it is a deep-rooted Indian tree. Earlier, Mr Arvind claimed to be Mr Clean. But he has become Mr Corruption now. The man who fought against corruption with good old man Anna Hazare is now proved to be more corrupt. His inclination towards Congress has proved him the most corrupt leader.
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    Country had lots of hopes from Arvind Kejriwal as messiah against corruption. Now we are proved wrong. The ultimate aim of every politician is the same. How to hang on to power.
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