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    Will India succeed in bringing Neerav Modi to India and try him in Indian Courts?

    News is that Indian fugitive Neerav Modi , founder of Global Diamond Jewellery House has been arrested in London. He has been charged with many criminal cases relating to Bank fraud which run in to several thousand crores. He has cheated many banks in India. Punjab National Bank is the worst affected back. He has cheated to the tune of Rs.14,000 Crores. Will Indian administration succeed in bringing him to India and try him in Indian Courts?.
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    As India has an extradition treaty with England, it is legally possible to bring back the cheater to India and force him to face Indian law. However, the cheater will try his level best to avoid extradition, just like another cheater who tried this very recently, but has failed.
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    India must bring everyone who looted its treasury and hard earned money of people. Every effort should be made to extradite the gang of heisters, corrupts and thugs. Public money has been looted and that should be brought back from these fraudsters.

    India should take credible steps to prevent such episodes in the country. We can't take this risk of losing our hard earned money by these fraudsters anymore. It is the responsibility of the govt to make sure public accounts are safe and secure.

    So, yes, the gang of looters must be brought back to face the heat of the law and get every penny back into accounts.

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    It is a great achievement by our central government. This speaks about the foreign policy that is being adopted by the present government. They brought Kingfisher man and now this man will also come back to India. Modi government is the government which never encourages corruption and it will never leave the people who are trying to swallow the public money. This is proved by this action of them.
    Even now also I think these corrupt fellows will somehow try to play with the courts and try to escape. But the same government continues after the elections also, they can't play any tricks. So the courts should be fast enough to punish them. Let us wait and see.
    The government should implement strict procedures according to loans from banks to this type of people that to where huge money is involved.

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    In addition to the existence of the extradition treaty, the present Government has an iron will to bring the culprits who have fled India after looting public money, to book. I do hope that these two cheaters who fled to England, will be brought back even before the election.
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    There are some international procedures and processes to bring a culprit from outside countries to India and it takes time also. In case of Neerav Modi the process has begun and soon he will be charged for his crimes here.

    Now he can not escape as he is under arrest in UK..

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    It appears that learning from the Mallya case, our investigation/prosecuting team has made some better homework this time in the case of Nirav Modi. That is why they could a favourable verdict in the preliminary stage.
    However he will try his bets to challenge each and every step as he can get the service of bet lawyers a he can afford to do so now.
    The Indian side will be proceeding cautiously and careful not to invite setback especially at a time election is happening.
    The Mallyas and Nirav Modis will also be using their political support and clout in India and abroad to evade serious and severe action.
    But I feel ultimately these persons will be extradited to India to face trial here. Then also they have many ways to prolong the case.
    I think if Narendra Modi is voted back to power with more number of seats,the political will be more strong in this regard which will result in getting these people extradited easily.

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    As per the news it seems now that Neerav Modi will be soon brought to the country for trial for his defaulting and frauds.

    The present Govt is persistent in its approach to catch these cheaters and frauds who have deceived our banking system.

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    The persons who have committed fraud should be brought back and awarded stringent punishment. Their entire property should be seized and attached by the Government.
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