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    Justification for king's son to become a king.

    In olden times the prince of the state usually became the next king after the demise of his father whether he was capable or not of taking that position.

    In today's perspective we often observe that the children of influential politicians also become ministers very easily.

    What is the justification for this automatic throne accession? Will these people be able to conduct the responsible business required at that position.

    Is there any solution to filter this process? What is your opinion?
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    It is not the fault of the politicians but the voters who are brainwashed to vote for their children or grandchildren. The mindset of the voters should change, and they should study the politicians for their calibre to be good politicians. If the father politician was corrupt, his children would be more corrupt. And the grandchildren would be most corrupt. They will least care the public after getting elected. We are not living in a Kingdom to tolerate this.
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    We are in democracy and not I autocracy. In democracy every citizen has derive equal powers and opportunities. Though our Country adopted democracy , we still feel that we have not come out of the royal system. The politicians some how ensure that their ward becomes successor. We cannot find with the politicians. Because every parent expect their children to be successful in their life. But at whose cost?. We need to blame the votes who vote for them.
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    It is really strange that voters are loyal to a family. It is ridiculous.

    I think obeying king is still somewhere embedded deep in our minds and in our subconsciousness.

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    If we study history seriously, we will find that even more than 2000 years ago, the concept of democracy was known to Indians. Many Mahajanapads/Janapads of ancient India were choosing rulers by people's mandate. But even then, since the last 850 years of foreign rule has made people feudal-minded. They like the dynastic rule. So, the elect dynastic family members without any credential.
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    In earlier days there was no democracy and the people were under the governance of Kings and King's son is becoming the next king. Those days there are no elections and no citizen has any say in the governance. Whatever the king says is the rule.
    Days change a lot. The kingdoms have gone and democracy had come into existence. For the people, by the people and of the people is the concept now. But the dynastic rule has not gone. Sons will follow their fathers in politics. Daughters will also follow their fathers. This has become the culture of our politicians.
    More disturbing issue is a mother in one party, father in another party and the son is the thrird party. NTR's son is Telugudesam. NTR's daughter is in BJP and her husband is YSRCP. This is the worst part.
    People are responsible for this trend. We should not give a chance just because he is the son of a politician. The capabilities of an individual are also to be seen and then only we should vote. I hope the voters will understand and act cleverly.

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