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    Why do we add one to an amount gifted or donated?

    Whenever we offer some sum as a gift or donation to someone or any organisation, we have the practice of adding Rs.1/- to that sum. For e.g. Rs. 51/-, 101/-, 201/-, 301/-, 501/-, 1001/-, 10001/- etc

    Why is it so? Why not we have the round figure ending with a zero? What is the logic behind it? What would happen if we write without the addition of one?
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    It is believed by many people that donating money which is a number which ends with zero is not good for the people donating as well as for the people who are receiving. But there is no logic in that. In our area, it is a custom to donate money ending 16. That means, Rs.16, Rs.116/-, Rs.1116/- so on so forth.
    I never follow this practice. I will donate a round figure only. There is no reason why we should donate like this. Now we are getting some gift covers on which they themselves will keep a one rupee coin. If you purchase that cover and putting 100 rupees note in it automatically the person receiving will get 101 rupees.

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    Zero is not an auspicious number and many people consider it as bad sign. So probably the tradition of adding one rupee might have started.

    In some communities, an odd number is considered good luck.

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    There are many things in our culture and traditions which we follow blindly without ascertaining the reasons behind it. The author has contributed an interesting post in this connection and adding a rupee over the comfortable amounts is really something to be found out.

    Some of these practices were incorporated by the religious personalities as a way to offer such an amount to the deity or the Pujari (priest) of a temple. Further as there are superstitions associated with numbers so making the sum an odd could be another possibility.

    Some people believe as the number 1 is the start of value towards more money or prosperity and want to avoid the zero in the end of the figure so they might had adopted this practice.

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    My thinking. All the round figure amounts are even numbers. What is essential and considered to be auspicious is an odd number. Hence, to make it odd, we add one to the amount.

    @ I really wonder with sixteen. Different people with different ideas.

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