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    Do you still prefer color to play Holi?

    Do you still prefer color to play Holi? I mostly like to play with Gulal and simple water. How you played color this Holi. Please share detail from your area to get more entertainment.
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    In our area it was decided that we will observe dry holi and not use the water colours which stain the skins.

    But in the morning itself some children brought water colours and started sprinkling on others and soon the elders instead of refraining them to do so, joined them.

    So, finally it was the usual holy fun with dark painted colours on the faces of the people.

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    Yes, I do prefer colour to play Holi. There is no religious prohibition to use colours. So, let us not fall prey to the liberal propaganda not to use water or colour during Holi. The objections of these liberals can be heard only during Hindu festivals like Holi, Diwali, etc.
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    There is no harm in using natural colours. But synthetic colours are not good for the atmosphere and to mankind also. Synthetic colours are Dyes which are very hazardous for mankind. The colour manufacturing industry is also very high polluting industry and the effluent generated should be treated properly. So synthetic dyes should be banned for use on any festival day irrespective of the religion.
    Coming to usages of colours on Holi, it is a custom maintained in the society from so many years. Hence stopping it very fast is very difficult. But people should start using naturals colours instead of synthetic colours.
    I have no habit of playing with colours on Holi festival day. All the employees from my factory will go to the houses of other employees and spray colour on each other. It may create problems. But on this [parricular day nobody listens.

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    Many people believe that the fun of Holi is not realised till we drench a person with water and colours and sometimes even some innovative colours which take weeks to get rid of them. It is a long lasting practice and tradition and it is difficult to change that mind set.

    So like other years we had a Holi where the people danced and enjoyed till they were fully exhausted with the fun and frolic. The children will be the leading factors in these endeavours and parents will of course simply follow them.

    This is the only festival which empowers us to colour anyone without his permission though good manners say that it should not be done to those who are unwilling to accept this function of joy and fun.

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