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    Today is world water day

    Today is World Water Day. This day is held annually on 22 March. This day is held to focus our attention on the importance of water. This day is also to advocate the management of freshwater resources for its sustainability.
    This day celebration was recommended at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro. The first world water day was celebrated on 22 /3/1993.
    On this day we all should pledge that we will save water and see that the water levels will be maintained properly so that there is no water problem for the coming generation.
    I wish all the members will take initiative on that day conserve water.
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    Before start writing this post, I have seen the forum index. No post was there in it on this subject. But after posting my thread when I have seen the index. There was a thread posted on the same issue just 10 minutes before. Probably it was posted while I was making the post. Hence Editors may lock this post.
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    No, this post is different. This [post stresses upon the importance of saving water. The other post is relating to use of colours during Holi. Both posts can remain.
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    Water is life and every drop of it is precious. A man is made of water and water flows through our bodies in the form of blood. For all living being on earth, water is life and precious for everyone. Without water, life is not possible and the world may become a desert.

    A lot of water is wasted during our daily routine activities. From brushing teeth to bathing or washing clothes, water is frittered away without bothering for this precious and valuable water. We keep water taps running unnecessarily and not caring to switch it.

    World water day reminds us to take a pledge for water conservation and take credible measures to water conservation. Let's take a solemn promise today to preserve and conserve water for our future generation and use it judiciously. And do not waste it, because every drop of water counts.

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    Water is a precious commodity and is an essential item for our life.

    Let us all spread the awareness regarding the importance of water and all of us should contribute in its conservation.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Water is our lifeline. It is the biggest gift of nature to us. It is our duty to conserve it and store it in the dams and reservoir.

    The water is given to us by nature every year in the form of rains and that is the perpetual source of water to us.

    Water is a precious gift of nature to mankind and it is the duty of the people to take care of our environment so that we do not spoil it and the present climate pattern is not disturbed.

    Any significant change in the climate can adversely affect the water cycle and the whole of humanity will suffer miserably.

    Knowledge is power.

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