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    Are we in a position to say no to chinese products?

    The recent veto by China in United Nations regarding declaring the Jaish-e-Mohammed in Pakistan as global terrorist has raised a question in the minds of Indian public whether we should boycott the Chinese products to pressurise China.

    But the fact is that the Chinese items are so popular and common in our country that it does not seem to be a feasible option. The grand sale of Chinese holi pichkari during last few days is a proof that we like Chinese items.

    Do you think that it is possible to boycott Chinese items?
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    Yes. Government of India can any time impose ban on all Chinese products. India is the major customers for Chinese products and any such ban will have impact Chinese economy immensely. India should consider imposing ban on Chinese products.
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    The people should take the decision that they will never go for Chinese products. That is how they should show their patriotism. The whole world is saying that the Jaish-e-Mohammed in Pakistan should declare as the global terrorist. But only one country said no it. How is that such a country's product should be purchased by us?
    The only answer for this is to impose heavy import duty on the goods that are being imported from China. Then the cost of these products will become heavy and automatically people will stop purchasing it. If India stops using Chinese products automatically it will have a heavy impact on their economy. Then they will definitely come round.
    The USA already warned Pakistan saying that any attack on India by any terrorists will make the things worst and it will become a big issue.
    We should teach a lesson to China.

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    In the present free trade regime, it is very difficult for the Government to completely ban Chinese products. But, the Government can raise the tax marginally and people can themselves stop buying cheap but unreliable Chinese goods.
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    Govt has trade pacts and business relations with China and lately, we were trying to increase business with it by increasing our export also to China. So the long term business strategy is there. Now the veto by China has created a problem for India because if we ban trade with China we will also be affected.

    So what Govt will try to do is first pressurize China through world powers to withdraw the veto and if does not succeed then only will go for banning of business and trade with it.

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    It is like the English of the British. Though we could chase the British, we could not chase and phase out their English. We embraced it and holding it tightly. Same is the case with Chinese products. It is very difficult to boycott and chase Chinese products. Most of our children are interested to taste Chinese Noodles only. Chinese products can be seen all around the world. People still like 'Made in China' than 'Made in India or Make in India'. Chinese products are cheaper, attractive and useful than the costly products of India. As of now, we cannot compete with China. We Indians don't love Chinese much, but love their products. Mom is our enemy, but her daughter is friendly.
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