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    How does Google calculate Adsense earnings of the members

    Google is sharing revenue through AdSense. But how the revenue is calculated?. Is it depends on the duration of the Advertisements published in the page or revenue is calculated based on the clicks by users on the advertisements appeared on the respective pages of the member. How and when google make the payments to the members.
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    This is a very important and relevant topic. We may also say that this is almost a bread & butter issue for Members. So, an Editor or a Member who is well-conversant with this issue may write a detailed article with/without bombastic technical jargon for the Members. This article must be given maximum points credit and cash credit and this should be permanently pinned for the knowledge of future Members also.

    Eagerly waiting for an article on this most important issue.

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    This is the formula for adsense earning for calculation.

    Earnings = Page View x Click-Through Rate (Page CTR) x Cost Per Click (CPC)

    We may not know cost per click its sets by users so exact we can not answer for this question but you can guess by above formula.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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