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    How to check who has visited my profile page

    We have created our profile page in India Study Channel - ISC. We are always curious to know who has visited our page and seen our profile. Is there any option in ISC through which we could gather the details of the person who has visited our page.
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    First, go to your profile page.
    There will be a bar on the top of the page which will be in a light blue colour.
    On that bar, there will be different items.
    In that, visitors is one of the items.
    Just click on that.
    A list will come with the names of the persons who visited your profile page.
    The list will also give the date on which they have visited your profile page also.
    Once you see that you will know who visited and if you wish you can visit their profile page also.
    Hope I have clarified your doubt.

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    As Dr.Rao has already stated you can check the Visitors column going to your Profile page. However, if anyone gets logged out and visits your Profile page, then such visitor's name will not be reflected in the Visitors column of your Profile page.
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    If a member has visited multiple times, you will find his name appearing only once, the latest visit.
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    Good information. I never saw it from that angle. Anyway it is a good facility if you want to know who are the members recently visited your profile.
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