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    Do you believe in UFO?

    History is full of events where people claim that they have seen some unidentified flying object (UFO) in the sky. Some say that they saw it on a cloudy day just vanishing behind the clouds while others claim that it was moving in the sky on a sunny afternoon.

    There are thousands of such narrations and people had taken the photographs also of such suspicious things. Some of us believe that they are manned by aliens and are coming from the distant places in the universe to explore the Earth and trying to observe it from the sky.

    Many movies are made on this theme of UFO coming and alighting on Earth.

    Do you believe in these things or have you any experience of encounter with a UFO?
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    True. UFO exists. Once I sighted a peculiar object landing in my area of responsibility. By the time, I could reach the spot, the object vanished and could not be traced. I was dead sure that it was a UFO.
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    UFO sighting are common all around the world. And usually the witnesses describe a flying soccer. This is not possible since the design of such alien spacecraft is not physically possible. The flying soccers won't fly in real. And the accounts of description are also pretty vague most times. So these descriptions have never been confirmed by experts. We wouldn't know for sure if alien spacecrafts exist and roam here on earth. But we know that flying soccers definitely don't.
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    In don't think that UFOs exists. But many people say they have seen. I think all these are all created by some one for their movies or novels. I have never seen a single UFO. We talk about objects that are coming from other planets. But so far it is never proved that there is life on other planets. So as far as our knowledge goes there are no chance for aircrafts driven by aliens.
    I think they are all illusions of the people who read various fiction novels and detective books. Similarly people who see movies of fiction will also have similar illusions. But in reality there is no chance for such UFO

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    What I saw was not flying saucer called 'Parakkum Thattu(in Tamil)". It was a big object like a Helicopter. It was seen during the daytime, and I was fully awake with good 6/6 eyesight.
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    We have come across many evidences about existence of Unidentified Flying Object [UFO]. But the fact is that it is still a mystery. We could not get much details like from where it has originated and what are its objectives. Many questions are still unanswered. Are these UFO's from a planet from another solar system. Are there human being living in these planets. Are they technologically more advanced from us. We are yet get answers to these questions.
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    It seems they are technologically more advanced. Their immediate disappearance and not giving a chance to get caught proves that they are far superior to the people on this earth.
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