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    Mr.Yedurappa 1800 crores pay offs to top BJP cadre reveals the honesty levels of BJP in politics

    The Carvan magazine article is revealing that Mr.Yeduyurappa has sent fund worth 1800 crores to top BJP leaders like Jaitley, Rajnath, Gadkari, Advani etc. along with some of this fund was spent for court cases. All these details were found in his own diary along with his own signature says Carvan magazine. If it is true we can see how honest that political are with BJP!!
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    Caravan magazine of Hartosh Singh Bal has a dubious credential. This terrible magazine earlier raised the issue of death of Justice BB Loya, which has been now been found false and intentional by the higher court. Hartosh Bal is a certified Modi-hater and he is no longer in mainstream journalism due to his paranoia.

    I sincerely request the author not to be paranoid like Hartosh Bal. It would not help him. If he has genuine complaint/allegation against Mr. Yeduriyappa, he may present it in a cogent manner with logic and evidence. He must not state that this magazine has stated that against BJP-so BJP is bad.

    This does not suit a senior Member like the author.

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    The magazines are doing their own business by publishing some sensesational use to remain in the main - stream the publication - business and so it would be better not to pay heed to all such rubbish news. Their main targets are the politicians, Bussiness - tycoons and other prominent men. It has become rather easy to malign any one with the publication of some imaginative news in a such a fashion that readers tend to believe the same.
    Though such news distorts the image of leaders, readers should analyse the veracity of news prior to propogation of the same in the public - front.

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    How realiable is the carvan magazine? I don't how much truth in this? There is no way to treat these news as correct. In our country many of the news channels and newspapers are getting funds from political parties and international organisations to promote their interests. Now elections are coming. So every one will try to gain advantage. So we need not give much weightage to such news.
    Some persons who are having crores of rupees earned through corrupt practices and have different cases on them are contesting and trying win and form governments. If you take the case of Jagan Mohan Reddy in Andhra there are 31 criminal cases against him. He had accumulated crores of rupees of money due to corrupt practices. He aims to become CM. People will never bother about such worst cases. As such why should we worry for a simple allegation came that to in a very substandard magazine.

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    Mudslinging by the politicians is quite common during the election. Earlier police had got hand to the diary of one of the prominent politicians of Karnataka congress wherein entry was made regarding payment to many politicians. Now it is the turn of congress party to make similar charges against BJP. It is a well known fact that the politicians of the State Government wherever they are in power make their contribution to their high command.
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