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    Why politicians overload the temporarily built stages?

    A stage built for Holi Milan of BJP politicians collapsed in Sambal - news.

    Why politicians are much interested to go on the stages not knowing that the temporarily built stages for the meeting would collapse if overloaded, and cause injury and death. It was Okay if it was a permanently built concrete structure.

    I appreciate late CM of Tamilnadu Ms. Jayalalitha who would always keep away her partymen from the stage. During any public meeting, she never allowed her ministers to sit alongside her. All should follow the same. Only the speakers in the meeting should be allowed to share the stage to avoid any such mishap.
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    The incident is proving a point that not only the politicians are corrupt, but also their followers are also corrupt. These politicians make money through corrupt practices. Their followers make use of the political programmes to make money for themselves by compromising on quality of the work. Whereas Jayalalitha was highly egoistic politician . She never allowed her cabinet colleagues or any other politicians of her party to sit beside her.
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    All local politicians want to show their face from the stage so that all their followers will feel that their boss is a big leader. The contesting candidates will be careful in seeing that all the important people are called on to the stage. Otherwise they will have a fear that they will not support him correctly in the elections. The organisers should assess how many people has to be called on to the stage. Based on that they have to decide on the size and strength of the size. Due to finance problems they may not give due consideration to safety aspects of the arrangements. Many incidents of stage problems are reported earlier .
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    The attraction of chair and that also on the dias is sometimes very fatal for the occupants. I have also observed this funny situation that a large number of people are accommodated on the stage only to help in breaking or collapsing it at an unwanted time!

    The senior party workers and other important persons want a piece of pie by sitting on the stage and a chance to give a speech.

    There is always a fierce competition among the top workers and it some times leads to dissatisfaction and ill feelings if they are not given that chance and opportunity to talk.

    Frankly speaking only the chief guest and the comperer and some dignified person like Mayer or District Collector or Chief Minister should be given a seat there and others should be sitting in the front rows.

    Moreover, due to pressure of continuous rallies these stages are made in a hurry and they can not withstand more weight.

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    This kind of habit is there in even in non-political forums. This is a wrong culture. Day by day it is increasing. So much so that I get to see in many meetings and forums the people on dais are more than those in the audience.

    This happens because of the 'chota' leader's greed to rise up in the party and organisation. Party(s) with more internal groups like that in the Congress party in Kerala has this more. The reason is to satisfy all the factions.
    I have sen even in non-political forums or organisations, the leaders from state level, district level, block lever and local level are accommodated on the dais. Many times each of them is called upon to make a speech. The schedule of the event totally goes uncontrolled. The speeches drag on and each one tries to flatter the leaders in the higher level and also mutual flattery among equals. Then they vie for vantage position in the photo and news.

    The ordinary members and audience just murmur and curse silently.

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